Would You Rather?

The chic stay at home mom, Tia
I was doing some reading on Baby Teems’ over the weekend and saw that she had recently played a game of Would You Rather? Since it was a pregnancy edition I thought it would be fun to play too! If you’re a blogger feel free to join the fun. 
1.) Would you rather be incredibly, horrendously, excruciatingly nauseous for four months or feel perfectly fine but be confined to bed-rest for all nine months?

Well. Since I was horrendously nauseous for the first four months I am just going to stick with that. I can’t imagine being on bed rest. That would have to be worse seeing as how you’d be that way for the entire pregnancy.
2.) Would you rather have psychotic mood swings but only gain 25 pounds, or be the most lovable preggo alive…but gain 55 pounds?

I would rather be psychotic and only gain 25 pounds. Sounds vain but I am not here for anyone’s diet or extreme workout plan. I would probably be even harder to deal with during the weight loss period than I was pregnant!
3.) Would you rather have boobs the size of Texas but with a small milk supply, or have inverted nipples and a milk supply that could feed a football team?

This one is easy. Inverted nipples with a huge supply!!
4.) Would you rather have heartburn or hemorrhoids…for nine months?
5.) Would you rather have nine months of insomnia and an infant who sleeps through the night, or nine months of great sleep and a colicky infant?

I would rather have nine months of insomnia and a baby that sleeps. I could catch up on all my missed sleep if my baby slept through the night. 😉
6.) Would you rather have gigantic cankles and swollen feet for nine months or have your feet grow two shoe sizes during pregnancy?
This is a tough one…I’m going to go with swollen feet. I already wear an eight and a half size shoe. Going up two sizes would be a bit hard to get use to.
7.) Would you rather get stretch marks that look like a grizzly bear attack or varicose veins that look like Google Maps during traffic hour?

Varicose veins. Those already run in my family and I already have them. Mine aren’t as bad as a google map (yet) but they are def there!
8.) Would you rather have a delivery doctor who talks about you in the third person or a midwife who constantly tells you that you’re doing a beautiful thing?

9.) Would you rather your birth coach have rotten egg breath or a birth coach who is distracted by the World Series?

I would rather have someone who is distracted. During a time like that the last thing I want is someone with bad breath cheering me on, LOL!
10.) Would you rather the on-call OB be your ex-boyfriend, or the anesthesiologist who gives you the epidural be your high school nemesis?

Since I didn’t have a high school nemesis I am going to go with the ex-boyfriend. That would be so uncomfortable and a little awkward.
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