Who Would You Rather?


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I thought this would be a fun post to write because, recently i came across an article about Alec Baldwin’s decision to move away from the public eye due to his ongoing frustration with the mainstream media portraying him a certain light.  Which led me to think that it must be sad that a grown ass man would allow others to define him but then again, i am not in the public eye and i don’t know the scrutiny they face.

Nevertheless, i thought it would be fun to think about other celebrities that you would like to disappear out of the public eye for some time.  Some stars are definitely in the news rotation a little too often and it would be nice not to hear about them for some time.  So the question of the day is, “Who would you rather see take a vacation from the public eye?

My choices are:

Kim Kardashian….because for obvious reasons, she needs to chill out and plan her wedding and cuddle her daughter.  She is always everywhere, tweeting and instagramming and the media needs to refrain from making her news every single second.  And when will she begin to wear clothes that fit her body. type.

Almost four months after giving birth to North, the reality star seemed ready to strut her stuff again. Kardashian rocked a form-fitting nude-tone mini dress with thigh slit, her Max Mara wool coat, and her trusty Azzedine Alaia sandals as she strolled in Paris.

Miley Cyrus…really the fact that she is in concert in racy outfits and kissing Katy Perry is NOT news and NOT shocking at all.

Miley Cyrus- she's so pretty

Robin Thicke…say it ain’t so that over exposure has reportedly broken up the marriage of Robin Thicke and his wife, Paula Patton.  They seemed so happy…but what glitters isn’t always gold! He definitely needs a break!

Robin thicke.  Not a huge fan of his music but he is a cutie :)

Chris Brown…he definitely is over due for a long vacation.  My niece would be horrified with me saying this but he really does need a break to get himself together.

Dan Jackman/WENN.com

Justin Beiber…i really like the kid but he needs to take a hiatus and travel and experience the world.  Maybe get new management and or a new entourage that is not going to allow his foolery!! (thanks JJ)!

 Justin beiber is Beautiful.

Nicki Minaj…because she is becoming a joke.  And what was up with the Malcolm X picture and her new song…definitely attention seeking in all the wrong ways.

Love her hair

Rihanna…because she is always in the media for her crazy outfit, the new tattoo she received, provocative posses…but then again, i love her voice, especially when she sings background vocals for others.


Lena Dunham and Girls…because this show will NEVER replace Sex and the City!! And because i am not sure why Lena always has to pretend like she doesn’t care when she does.  On the upside, i think Allison Williams is so pretty!


There you have it…my list of over-exposed celebrities.  Now it’s your turn:

Question of the Day: Who would you rather see take a vacation from the public eye?


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7 Responses to Who Would You Rather?

  1. Pegster says:

    Dude, we totally have the same list. People that are super over exposed for the wrong reasons just kill me.

    There are so many talented people out there that manage to keep their private lives private yet still performing and doing great things. these people need to take a clue.

    I am so bummed about the Robin Thicke fall out, I used to love them together.

  2. Mimi says:

    Kanye West is at the top of my list. Please like poof be gone. I’m sick of his rants and tantrums. If we didn’t see or hear from or about him for a few years it would be too soon!

  3. Heather says:

    Can I vote for ALL of them to take a vacation from the public eye? LOL! Kanye West is definitely on my list, too.

  4. jj says:

    I am with you on all these celebrities. I am totally tired of seeing them. Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber especially. They need more parenting guidance than what they are getting. Granted, they are not kids anymore but someone should be providing my care and direction to them than they are getting.

    • jj says:

      Oh and the Kardashians! Can they take a vacation for at least 5-years? I figured by the time 5-years is over, no one would care!