Toddler Life: My Son Could Care Less

Toddler Life is so exciting around these parts right now.  My son is absolutely in LOVE with all the space he gets to run around it and it is such a blessing to be able to provide a home for him that he can grow up in.  I am learning to let go of having a clean house…and just have one that is liveable and loving.  I can always clean after he goes to sleep…and whoever thought stainless steel was a good idea for little sticky icky fingers?

Anyway we are loving life right now.

But today’s post is all about the stuff that my son just doesn’t seem to care about when i am doing them…especially when his needs need to be met immediately.  Here goes:

1. While trying to navigate several traffic circles, he is asking me to take the kleenex that is stuck to his sticky hands…”help me, help me.”  The kleenex needed to be removed from his fingers immediately.

2.  When I am trying to wash dishes or cook or clean or eat and he says “up mom, up.”

3. When I am trying to get my beauty sleep and he insists on sharing our bed and he wants to lay on top of my head because “mom” doesn’t need to breathe.  One of the most frustrating moments is trying to sleep with someone on top of your head!!!

4.  Trying to take a shower when you are home ALONE and he insists on coming in and asking “you ok? you ok?”.  That’s actually really nice of him and uncomfortable while trying to shower.

5. When he no longer wants to eat whatever he is eating and spits it out…many a times i have thanked my lucky stars my reflexes are good.

6. When he just wants to splish and splash in the bathtub because that’s just so much fun!!

7. When I am folding laundry and he could care less about all the time it took me to fold…he will jump into the folded clothes and scatter them all over.

And of course the list is longer than this…but that’s all for now.   But in all honesty, as annoying as these can be…. all the stuff my son does not care about are all the stuff i care about.  If he wasn’t doing all these things, life just wouldn’t be as fun and exciting.

And of course it’s a toddler’s life not to care about anything right now outside of their own needs.  And i am happy to oblige my toddler during this time in his development.


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One Response to Toddler Life: My Son Could Care Less

  1. Heather says:

    LOL! I guess when you’re a toddler, everything’s urgent! 🙂