TMI: Do you do this in front of your partner?

Happy Tuesday Friends…am I the only one that is ready for Friday to arrive? I came across this list on Huffington Post and thought they were meant for sharing…

I thought it would be fun to go over the list and say whether i actually do this in front of my husband or not.  Are we really that transparent with our partners? Review this with your partner and see how it all turns out.  Speaking of Friday, it might be something fun to go over for Friday date night.   

In the Huffington post article, it mentions these are some things, no matter how long you’ve been together, you should never do in front of each other.  But i beg to differ…shuldn’t we be completely transparent wtih our significant others….always?  Review the list and let me know what you think.

Just as an FYI…this might be TMI from the Pancakes file…so please refrain from reading if you must and check out the fun graphics instead!

1. Going to the bathroom. Peeing is fine. Pooping? Not so much. (we used to have one bathroom and lived in several studios so yeah we’ve done 1 & 2 infront of each other many a times!)

Embedded via Giphy

2. And while we’re on the subject, the same goes for farting.  (in the beginning, i used to totally hide this now sometimes i can’t…told you this was TMI).

3. Plucking ingrown hairs of the pubic variety. (i cringe at this but haven’t done this infront of the hubby).

4. Or bleaching/waxing any area where the sun don’t shine.  (does shaving count? then yes).

5. Putting on Spanx. It’s not a graceful process, OK? (definitely NOT graceful…yes i’ve done this infront of him more than several times).

Embedded via Giphy

6. Examining blackheads or popping pimples in a magnified mirror. (i pluck all the time but i am not that obsessive over my blackheads).

7. For the ladies, removing your ‘stache and/or stubborn chin hairs. (YES…obsessively so).

8. For the gents, scratching your balls. (gross…and he better NOT!!)

9. Taking out your Invisalign. Because spit. Spit everywhere. (i used to sleep with a mouth guard).

Embedded via Giphy

10. Inserting or removing a tampon. (heck no…TMI).

11. Stepping on the scale. Ain’t nobody need to see that number but you. (YES i’ve done this before…he must as well know).

12. Picking your nose. Actually it’s best not to do this at all, unless it’s with a tissue. In private. (i don’t think pick my nose…at least anymore). 

Told you they were TMI…don’t answer all of these at once but have fun with them and at least leave one that you would like to answer on the blog.


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I became Mrs. Pancakes on 4.23.11! I became Mama Pancakes on 8.28.12! And our lives were forever changed! I call myself Mrs. Pancake because my man loves him some good and fluffy pancakes! The Pancake Life chronicles a life that is happy, inspiring, motivating and lived to the fullest! Why don't you stay a while and enjoy in the The Pancake Life!
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6 Responses to TMI: Do you do this in front of your partner?

  1. Cece says:

    Ha, Ha!! And you totally warned us about the TMI. #7, 10, 11 are definite NO’s, but many of the others are yes’s. I mean, once you’ve had sex…ya know-which is pretty intimate, plus add in being together for a while and all bets are off after that!! : )

    • i was blushing at reading most of these…and yes i agree about intimacy after a certain period in relationships. thanks for participating!

  2. JJ says:

    Lol…love this post.
    I have peed but never pooped in front of my hubby. I think I’ll have performance (pooping) anxiety :-).
    Yes to #2, 3, 5, 7 & 9. Hubby does #8. Needless to say, we’ve had several discussions about it.
    Definitely no to the rest.

  3. Heather says:

    LOL! Not only do I pull out annoying chin hairs in front of him, I sometimes have him remove them for me if they’ve grown in at strange angles.