The Real Memorial Day Please Stand Up

Memorial Day has become synonymous with the beginning of Summer and BBQ’s, parties, family gatherings and sale, sale, sale.


Free Printable Memorial Day Subway Art


However, let us remember the true meaning of Memorial Day.  A day to memorialize all the soldiers (and families) who have made and continue to make sacrifices for us to live in a country that has freedom and justice for (mostly) all.

I don’t have any family members who’ve had to serve in any branch of the military, navy and or army.

BUT i am reminded of our church grandmother who lost her son in the Vietnam War when he was in his 20’s.  She described JC as intelligent, loving, brave, handsome and wanted to protect his mother and sister by fighting in Vietnam.  She didn’t want him to go but he wanted to go.  And although she prayed every single day…he never did return home alive.  It’s been more than forty years and she still longs for her son.  The purple heart he received has never been able to replace her broken heart.  The love and pain she expresses when she speaks about him reminds me of the significance of all those veterans who went to serve their country and never returned.  And the veterans that return but are never the same.   Memorial Day should truly be every single day because there are too many veterans to remember who’ve lost their lives and dignity.

During the BBQ’s, drinks, family gatherings, pools, the sales and parades and merriment of today…please say a prayer for all of those that have lost a loved one in the name of war and peace.  Let’s not forget what Memorial Day is all about.

Happy Memorial Day.  Thank you to every service man and woman who has given their all to guarantee us the wonderful freedom we enjoy.  May we never forget or take for granted what their sacrifice means to us!

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3 Responses to The Real Memorial Day Please Stand Up

  1. Quiana says:

    A wonderful reminder and what a heartbreaking story. My family visited Arlington National Cemetery a couple years ago and it was a really moving experience I highly recommend. Regardless of how one feels about war, I believe it’s important to respect and honor those who continue to protect us and have given their lives for us to enjoy our freedoms.

  2. jj says:

    So many lives lost. They are gone but never forgotten.