Spaghetti Sauce with Veggies: FAIL!

As a newlywed, i am trying to be creative with our meals.  Now i love cooking, especially when i know it will come well, like pancakes!  Uusually Mr. Pancakes is a fairly well fed husband.
However in an attempt to be creative in my meal prep over the weekend, i had a total FAIL!
Mr. Pancakes and i are always talking about how we don’t have enough veggies in our weekly lives.   
So in an attempt to add some veggies to our meals.  I decided to add (this is cringe worthy so cringe away)broccoli to the meat sauce for spaghetti: (i know! i know! i was trying to be creative without really being a creative cook)
This is how i knew Mr. Pancakes thought dinner was a complete FAILure!
He usually eats everything i make and actually enjoys what i cook.  But this particular day, he ate around the spaghetti and sauce, looked at me and said, “You tried something new?” I looked at him and said, “Yes.”
He continued to eat around the meal and although he is a slow eater….he took forever to eat some of the pasta and sauce. He did not finish and instead decided to leave it in the fridge for “later.”  I said to him “babe you don’t have to finish it if you don’t like it”, but he insisted “it’s ok” and that he “will eat it later”.
Well two/three days passes by and the spaghetti is still in the fridge! The evidence suggests TOTAL FAILure on my spaghetti sauce with veggies!  Mr. Pancakes is completely an awesome husband and always makes me feel so good about my cooking but his actions totally spoke louder than his words! Gotta love that man. (i finally told him i will toss the food even though children in Africa are starving:-( It needed to be tossed it looked so pitiful in the fridge.
Needless to say, i will not be trying anything new that sounds really awful like brocooli in spaghetti sauce! WHAT WAS I THINKING? Maybe i wasn’t thinking.  Guess i will be making some pancakes to make up for my first cookink FAIL as a newlywed!

What have you cooked recently that was a total FAIL?
Or any suggestions to make an awesome pasta/spaghetti meal with veggies?

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I became Mrs. Pancakes on 4.23.11! I became Mama Pancakes on 8.28.12! And our lives were forever changed! I call myself Mrs. Pancake because my man loves him some good and fluffy pancakes! The Pancake Life chronicles a life that is happy, inspiring, motivating and lived to the fullest! Why don't you stay a while and enjoy in the The Pancake Life!
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