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Disclosure: If you have never heard of Paperless Post, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to introduce them to my readers. Something new is always exciting to share, especially when it is useful for all the invitations you are going to need for events coming up for end of Summer, beginning of Fall and during the holidays. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


Imagine sending wedding invitations without a million little envelopes and stamps? You remember that anxious feeling when you realized, during your wedding planning, that you ran out of stamps just before you had to meet the deadline to send out your invitations?  You remember how anxious you were.  Well now there is a new option for you ladies and gents: Paperless Post.

What is Paperless? Glad you asked: Post is an e-commerce company focusing on design-driven online and printed stationery, including greetings, invitations, birth announcements, wedding suites, and custom stationery.

My first thought when I heard about Paperless Post was “where were you when I was planning my wedding?” I could have saved a lot of money on stamps and  a lot anxiety during the wedding planning process.  The process of using Paperless Post to send invitations are really that easy.

  1. You can sign in with your FaceBook account (most of your guests are on FB anyway).
  2. Choose your card design (there are MANY options.  Know your theme prior to going on there, however, PP has a filter option too).
  3. Determine your background, font, color (many, many design options)
  4. Choose your envelope (the color, your font, liner, stamp)
  5. Option to personalize each card to your guest.
  6. PP gives your guests a Reply Option (imagine that…no longer will you be waiting and calling people in order to have your final count).
  7.  Option to add your Event details AND your TheKnot registry as well.
  8. Another fantastic option: show guest list and a comment wall (always a fun option).
  9. You can also add an Event Capacity (so people know how quickly to reply).
  10. Options during the SEND step, you can determine the plus one options for your guests.
  11. Great option is you can import/upload your email list in order to cut back on all that typing…thank goodness.

Of course for our second wedding, we would be in Barbados and peacocks would be ideal with a hint of gold.  I really loved all the cards with gold options so our STD would have golden accents and then the wedding invitations would be pure gold perfection.

They have many collections, designer brands (like Vera Wang, Oscar Della Renta, Kate Spade, etc.) and you can also create your own designs too.

Wedding 2015

Honestly, going through the process to create and send our dream wedding invitations was easy and super fast.  Thank goodness for e-commerce.  However, for those that enjoy the feeling of actual paper in your hands and or just want to have something as a keepsake, Paperless Post has that option too.  They truly do make it easy for you to use them as an option.

Oh and don’t forget, Paperless Post is not just about wedding invitations, they also allow you to create invitations for ALL your special life moments.  If you are in the process of planning something, think of Paperless Post as an option.  I know with the holidays coming, i will be using them to send my Christmas and Baby Announcement cards!

The good news is if you sign up NOW you will be gifted 20 free coins to start with…so go on and begin the process of creating your Paperless Post.

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