Ranting & Raving Thursday: The Blurb!!!

I have been obssessing over the last several weeks about my E-pics.  And as the time is coming close, i am nervous, excited, anxious and everything in between! But i am most excited about what i get to do with the pictures afterwards.  The alternative guestbook idea has stayed with me and for this i am pumped!  And on this thursday, i want to rave about a new website i have discovered (courtesy of weddingbee.com–thanks bee hive!)…get ready for the name…blurb.com! Don’t you just love the quirky-ness and fun way the name sounds!

I have been looking around on blurb.com and there are various different guestbooks and the quality looks excellent and the price is right! I have looked at other websites and decided that this is the best option for Mr. Pancakes and myself! This makes me estastic about getting the engagement pictures even more! 

I have seen other prices on various websites and prices have ranged from $500 to $100.00 for ones that are in excellent condition and quality! Blurb.com not only has excellent quality and price ranging as low as $40.00.  This has me floating on cloud nine!

I am not sure how the E-pics will turn out but i am hopeful that our love for one another will shine through bright and beautful (and that hopefully i won’t have any double chin action!).

I am sure there are gems out there in the wideworldweb…therefore,
Brides out there, post-brides, did you find any wedding websites that is worth sharing?
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