ProjectMilf 2014: Taking Away

It’s the third installment of #ProjectMilf 2014!!


I successfully completed a month of taking away something negative from my daily activities.

So i am a little obsessed with celebrity gossip and if you ask me on a daily basis, i probably know EVERYTHING that was happening with whichever celebrity.  For me it’s more the ability to participate in mindless activity during the day.  I can flip through my phone and go to and several times a day and probably read the same news stories over and over again….and i say news very loosely.

As a goal for #ProjectMilf in March, i took away my want for celebrity news.  And i am glad to report, i was successful.   I didn’t sign onto the above websites at all during March.  I did get a whiff of celebrity news on yahoo but i didn’t click onto them except for the one about Kimye’s Vogue article because i found it vaguely interesting enough to post about.

So my month off of celebrity news channels taught me this:

1. Celebrity news is NOT REAL NEWS 2. No time devoted to celebrity news outlets allows me time to actually read more interesting news articles about the world around me.
3. If i read it…i continue to support the media’s need for it.
4. It’s a time waster.
5. It’s a mind waster.
6. A photo of a celebrity pumping gas is not going to add any substance to my day/life.
7. My phone is for me than reading celebrity news.
8. I can actually sleep better.
Overall, i am glad i took away my want for celebrity news…i am a work in progress but this Deepak Chopra quotes spoke to me recently: “the real key is to live in an environment where the mind feels free to choose the right thing instead of being compelled to by habit and inertia to choose the wrong thing.”  What i put in my mind is what’s going to come out of my mouth and actions.  This exercise this month reminded me there are so many more things i can feed my mind.  Things of substance and quality.

The real key is to live in an environment where the mind feels free to choose the right thing instead of being compelled by habit and inertia to choose the wrong thing

And now this:

Studio Deksels Happy Monday Maandag


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4 Responses to ProjectMilf 2014: Taking Away

  1. Sometimes you have to train yourself out of habits you want to break. Looks like you did a good job! My reason for not being into celebrity news is that it makes me feel bad about myself to obsess over people who are just like me but just have a ton more money and do things that I will never get to do. I just try not to get caught up in it because they are just people and there are more important things in life to do. Like watching Scandal!!

  2. Pegster says:

    LOL, this is too funny. I don’t have a smart phone but I must say I have wasted a lot of time online looking at celebrity gossip :). Good job lady, you are a total MILF in progress, inspiring for sure