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My son and daughter (although she was sleeping) needed to be part of history last night as President Obama gave his farewell speech.

My husband and i met in 2008 when President Obama was running to become president.  It was something that bonded us because we even went to see Clinton speak in Virginia about then Senator Obama.  It was a special time.

Then I remember in 2012, sitting my then, three month old son, in front of the TV listening to President Obama address the nation in his season term as president.

These are moments that are living history and i wanted my children to be part of it yesterday.  My son kept on saying, “mommy he is using a lot of words,” and i said ‘yes he is because your President has a lot of say.”  I wanted myself, my husband and my children to be part of this remarkable time in our history, not only our family history but American history.

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It was magical back in 2008, even more amazing in 2012 and it was bittersweet last night watching this man, who so believes in the power of democracy and people and the power they have to effect change.  His optimism and perspective about life, love, family, politics and people was infectious.  Listening to him last night made me want to be a better human being because my kindness, my light, the way i am and act in this world impact other people.

I hope through listening and osmosis, my children were able to receive the same kind of messages i received last night.  I hope they too will someday look back on this time in their history and know that they lived history in having President Obama as their president.

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