Morning Routine

Discipline and self-discipline is definitely one of those skills i am trying to fine tune and develop in a stronger in my life.

There is this really cute writer named Thomas Oppong, who writes about many things including personal betterment.  One of his articles i read recently was about productivity systems.  Did you even know there were productivity systems?

Here are some productive systems:   Getting Things Done (GTD), The SMART Method, Timeboxing, Biological Prime Time, Personal Kanban, The “To-Do” list, The “Must Do” list, Pomodoro Technique, Eisenhower Matrix, Don’t Break The Chain, and Eat That Frog.

Mr. Oppong writes about the importance of finding a morning routine or productivity systems that works for you.  He argues that discipline is one of the keys to ensuring that one has productivity in their lives.

I agree because i see my husband, who has over the years through sports and his own internal needs, has such discipline that i am envious of.

This summer more that realizing i missed blogging, i realized that i am not disciplined in some areas of my life.  I am still trying to make peace with this flaw in my life.  Hello, my name is Mrs. Pancakes and i am not disciplined in some areas of my life.  The first step to recognizing a problem is admitting that i have a problem (out loud and in public).

When i admit that i have a problem.  Then hopefully i can grow and change and become  a better individual.

I am doing a lot of soul searching and figuring out what’s important and what i need to do differently.  I need to be disciplined.  I need to follow through.  I probably have some things that i do and use currently in my morning routine that are effective for me.   I will continue to refine and fine tune with some ideas from the article and keep it moving because after all, it’s not all about the morning. There is a whole day to conquer productively.

Question of the Day: What are some of your morning routine ideas?


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