Moments in Time: Part of the Light

Someday it will be one of those things you remember when someone asks you: “where were you when the president of the united states encouraged racism and bigotry and hatred to continue to thrive in the country?”

Like the question of where were you (a long, long time ago) when you heard slavery had been abolished, or when MLK was shot, Nelson Mandela died, or when Michael Jackson died? Or when trolls and fidget spinners became a thing? Moments in history, big and small.

Except this moment in history is one of those big, significant, ones where your children and or grandchildren will someday learn about in history books.  And then they will come home and ask questions and you will have to be the one to give them some answer or explanation that makes sense to it all.  Because how can the president of ALL citizens of a country encourage one to believe in hate and bigotry and to protest one group over another?

How do you explain all of that to make sense?

I was going to talk about how scared and shook i was yesterday as i was watching and listening (while driving-not the safest i know but i just had to see for myself because it was actually happening) BUT i decided not to talk about the negative side in all of this. Because that is what this president would want us to do, to focus on the “fear and fury.”  Now that i think about it, maybe when he said that, he wasn’t even talking about North Korea and Nuclear War.  He was talking about the fear and fury that hate groups bring to a country, a group of people, society.  He was talking about “fear and fury” as it relates to his own citizens.

Instead of focusing on the fear, i am going to focus on the light.  The light which can break through fear and darkness.  Someday, when my children and grandchildren ask me about August 15, 2017, i will tell them about how as an individual residing in a country whose president espouses such negative views, i chose to be a light.

I chose to believe that there are good in people.  I chose to believe there is good in the world.  I chose to believe that goodness will come out of this dark moment in time.  I chose to believe light over fear and darkness and evil.  I chose to be a light by continuing to speak and act in ways that racism, bigotry and hatred will not trump love and humanity.

I told myself today, my children and grandchildren, someday that i am part of the light. And they too are part of the light that will shine through in moments of darkness.

I will also show and tell them that this is how a true human behaves in tough times.

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion…People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love … For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”(Nelson Mandela)

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