Hello Tuesday and Hello Blogger Friends,

In my neck of the woods, there have been several incidences happening that have just gripped my heart.  A young person who is on his way to college goes to a mall and kills two other young individuals.  One of these young people killed has a two year old child.  The losses upon losses confounds me.  Too many innocent young lives lost and displaced.  It hits close to home because i frequent that mall.  A person i know works at the store where it happened.  She wasn’t working that day, thank God.  But she lost two friends she worked with.  There are many things in this world that occurs that is senseless.

Last night in my consultation work, i had to address a young man on the verge of self harm.  The look in his eyes was so sad when i saw him at the hospital.  He was safe physically but in his mind, he did not feel safe.  I am glad he had the wherewithal to say he didn’t feel safe.  I am glad i was able to hear and act on it.

The mind is a powerful thing.  Mental health illness is real, it exists.  Depression is real, it exists.   I don’t know if the shooting had to do with mental health but a person in their right minds do not go on a shooting rampage.  We have to listen to those that are asking for help…whether it’s through their actions and or words.

My heart is heavy this morning but it’s also light because i know that God is alive and well.  I am always reminded daily but even more so during such difficult times in our world.

It was on my heart to post these today.   I hope they speak to someone today just like they did for me.


Psalm 56:8,

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4 Responses to Lightness….

  1. Kita says:

    It is so real and so many people have it and live among us and go about their day and you would never know something is seriously wrong with them. My heart is so saddened by all these tragedies of late.

  2. nylse says:

    Tears are prayers too!!! love it.
    I truly hope people know that they don’t have to navigate this road of life alone.