Let’s Teach Children to Dream Big

One of the best things i heard today on twitter is: the voice in which we speak to our children become their inner voice.  How powerful and so true.

One of the things we have been so very cognizant as parents is raising our son and now daughter with a growth mindset and that they have the skills and abilities to make anything happen within their power-as they harness it.

Mind you, we are also speaking good morals and values into him and with that comes the way in which we deliver messages. Clear, specific, detailed and with intention and purpose. One of the things we have been doing since we first had our son is saying “daily affirmations” tailored just for him.  And he knows the words and understands the words and lives the words.  Words have to become active to have any impact in our experiences.

In his mind and heart and soul, that little boy is the kindest, smartest, cutest, problem solver and most confident person in the world.  As he should be.  And our little girl is watching and she is learning.

Teaching our children to dream big is one of the best things we can do for our children in the early years.  We should never downplay their dreams, hopes and interests.  That same little person that speaks tirelessly is the same one that could become the best orator in the world; or that little girl that loves to color on your walls could become a artistic visionary.

Our little boy has always loved playing with trains, cars, trucks, motorcycles, lining them up, piling them up, watching shows about cars and trucks, reading books on the same topic, asking questions…we started telling him he was an “Engineer” and now he has associated that role with himself and his interests.   Not only was our word usage intentional and purpose, it is active and something tangible and real for him.  He is also a “quarterback” and an “Olympic swimmer.”

The voice in which we speak to our children become their inner voice.  There is no perfect science (may a little science help from growth mindset) to raising children, you can only do what is natural and feels right for you, your child and your family world view.

Whatever it is that we are doing, let it be an action in which we are teaching our children to dream!

Make a big statement in the nursery with a simple painted wall - a starry night mural and a favorite phrase make an awesome focal wall.:

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