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Even before i signed up for an account on Kidoodle.TV, i was overjoyed to find out that they had episodes of Jem and the Holograms!!! Are you kidding me? That’s like my favorite TV show of all times.  But of course Kidoodle.TV is not supposed to be for mommy to watch her show but oh my goodness…i was truly hooked from the beginning.

As much as i didn’t want to be one of those parents that allowed their child to watch television, i think it was inevitable.  I mean i watch television so why wouldn’t i want my child to watch it? Everything in moderation right?  Therefore, i was super excited when i came across Kidoodle.TV because i can tailor the television programs to Baby Pancakes.

I went ahead of myself but Kidoodle.TV is all a new way for children to watch television.  Especially classic kid television.  Good and clean cartoon watching.

Kidoodle is designed specifically for the use and navigation by kids (ages 12 and under), ensuring an age-appropriate viewing experience (which is awesome for a growing child).  The name alone suggests awesome kid friendly and fun.  Kidoodle features a brightly colored, easy-to-use user interface, customizable Kid Profiles for up to 5 kids (i completed three, one for myself, one for Baby Pancakes and Mr. Pancakes).  It also has great entertainment and educational content from a variety of sources (including national geographic and monster math squad).  Kidoodle is child oriented and convenient, with no adult content and with robust controls for parents.  (which is great because you don’t have to explain anything that is over because of the adult content).

Kidoodle.TV also has parental controls include age category filtering and title selection and de-selection, which allows parents to tailor available content to each child’s needs (there’s a four digit code for parental controls/i chose Zoo Babies, The Adventures of Chuck and Friends, Paddington Bear, Pecola).  Once logged into Kidoodle.TV, parents simply select a Kid Profile and hand off the navigation to the child.   There’s a Parent’s Room that allows to have control over programming (i love the idea that Baby Pancakes can grow with the Kidoodle).  Kidoodle.TV features content appropriate for its audience and is free of advertising within the service (seriously you get to watch the entire show uninterrupted, which will be great as Baby Pancakes gets older.  I really enjoyed watching Jem and the Holograms).  Kidoodle.TV offers the freedom and diversity of Internet access but with parameters built in to assist with child safety (that’s the unique part of Kidoodle but also can be annoying because not every place has access to the internet/wifi).

I said many things but why don’t you try Kidoodle.TV for yourself for FREE.  Please enter by December 31, 2013 to win 1 of 10 tablets or 1 of 10 Kidoodle.TV year-long subscriptions!  I mean that’s pretty awesome.  Baby Pancakes LOVES watching Kidoodle on the iPad, so a free tablet would be great for your little one when you sign up. 

To enter the giveaway, go to Kidoodle.TV to sign up for a free trial. Follow the on-screen directions and submit!  Good Luck and let me know when you win!!




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