Inspire Me Series: Oprah

I saw Oprah’s interview on OWN back in December 
and i have been meaning to have Oprah as part of my Inspire Me Series!
The Unwanted One
blessed person
to whom much is given..much is required
use it for the greater good
your intentions rules and determines the outcome
We all know the majority of Oprah’s life story 
but i will attempt to briefly outline some of the life events that has shaped him.
Oprah recalls her life was not supposed to happen..she was born unwanted
her mom and dad were together one time 
She was raped at 9 years-old
became pregnant @ 14 and her baby died
After this incident, Oprah excelled in eveyrhing she ddi, at school and home.
After high school, she was hired as a local radio anchor 
she knew she did not want to be a radio anchor host forever as that would be a  
slow death…if she was going to be a reporter for the rest of her life
she was molested, raped by a relative, became pregnant

Every life has a story–and there is something to be learned from everyone’ experiences
we are all teachers…
Use your life as a class
feeling unwanted–empathy, compassion, care understanding for other people
it’s part of our journey
Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now…
When you do well, when you do your best,
people notice!
grade three–completed her school assignment three days after receiving the books
her teachers spoke about her, everyone knew her at school
she excelled
Master of My fate
William Ernest Henley
her mother teaching her this..she didn’t know what it meant…but it came to mean something later
a love of blessings, divine order working together to intervene in our lives.
everything that is happening in your life is preparation for what’s going to come
Everyone’s life has a pattern
if you don’t know your purpose..your immediate goal is to find it out
if are just wondering in space
Living your Purpose
Oprah’s purpose: sweet inspiration
how do you know it’s yor purpose: you feel most yourself/ you feel at home
univese speaks to us in whispers..subtle…if you don’t pay attention the whispers..its get bigger and bigger
what’s whispering to you know?
(someone told her no one is going to change her name..she never liked it..but when someone asked her to change her name..she said no!..they were asking audience people: what is an oprah? answers: oprah
they told her her hair is too thick–her eyes are too far apart, her nose is too big–AA told her this..asked her to get plastic surgery–she said NO. they took her to get a makeover–never thought herself as pretty…she knew she had good hair and she was smart..they took her off the evening news. She is not her hair, she is not how wide her nose is..her essence of who she is is NOT what she looks like.)
getting up with the purpose of putting bad news into her air did not sit well with her…
People are Talking–talk show on the local channel news.
She knew she was home–it changed her life.
Divine interventions–
all about life is growing into greatness..your personal best.
She has always known when to move on
Grow to Greatness–life is about growth and change (whisper)
Have never lived with a plan–do your best and something will happen
Be True to Yourself
She started believing in what Chicago has to offer…you are going to die on the vine–someone told her
Jan. 1, 1984–fur coat and bad jerry curl AM Chicago
no audience/she works well with people/got audience off the street–homeless people who needed a warm place to be for a while
-we think you have a gift–beat phil donahue the first day out in the ratings
–you see the black girl, she has a jerry curl and she is big
–everyone knew her name and knew who she was
–great heart, connection with the people, raw on TV, ability to be herself
–in July it was renamed the
anybody pretending to be who they are not will NEVER reach their fullest potential
can’t be barbara walters and phil donahue..but she can herself
she was thinking she wanted to be an actress–she felt like she brought such shame to her father–ok i won’t be one
Surrender–your thoughts create reality for you….space in which you create for something to happen
Color Purple; Alice Cooper,  reviewed the book..she felt like that’s her story–became obsessed with the book, heard Steven Spielberg, she tells everyone she is going to be in the movie
she goes to the audition–she was cold from the weather
character in the colour purple: HARPO (oprah backwards)
she doesn’t hear antyhing for months and months
we have real actresses auditioning for this role–she believes this is a God trick
she believes she is fat..goes to the fat farm..running around the track–starts praying,,,i don;t really get it but i know you do..i want to be in the space to thank you right now but i can’t..
please help me to let it go–she starts to sing i surrender to all…she sings and prays, and cries..and feel herself letting go and knowing she will be alright but you can’t see the movie..she will go see the movie and be able to say to the actress well done..she will not be bitter, she wants to be that kind of that moment, someone comes and tells her SS has if you lose a pound you can lose this day she met him and got the part
Fundamental turning points: making the movie..spiritually, psychologically, it was real
God can dream a bigger dream for you than you can for yourself
when you work hard, tried, given, pleaded, hoped, surrender. when you’ve done all you can do…give it up to that thing that is greater than yourself..give it up
the wanting of it, the surrender of it
Colour Purple was setting her up for the Oprah Show..
OWN yourself…invest in yourself (her lawyer at the time told her)
she bet on yourself (Harpo Productions Inc.)
a show about everyday people–how low you feel, this show will help you change…vehicle to making a difference in your life..we are interconnected to each other..she wanted to use platform for this.)
Sally Jessy Raphael, Ricky Lake, Geraldo Rivera–got to step up your game..don’t worry about the other guy, you have control over takes too much energy to focus on what the other person is doing.. run the race as hard as you the race as hard as you can for yourself…?
Controversial Show: people coming to share their stories/ being honest and real/
AHA moment in the show: she was not helping anyone, this is a platform in which people get to say and expose…she was going towards the ratings (she will not be able to live with herself)
her life changed once she made the decision: she forget about ratings–what is going to serve and make a difference in people’s lives–she will not waste her life doing something else..
You are not alone:
Her gift: Relating to people, she is not watching the viewer, she is the viewer–things, needs,
we live in different locations, have different goals; we all want the same thing
you are the possibility of what you can be–
we want to know that we matter, we are heard, 
Stay true to your calling: the Oprah show healed her off her her 40s
no therapy–the show has been her therapy–greatest teacher and it’s taught her to be a teacher
she never seriously considered having children, the decision to have a child is the greatest sacrifice–
it was more important for her to be a teacher–the burning fire in her heart (she never felt this for having a child)
Greatest mystery..everything will become very clear in our last breathe
oh mom it was so easy–a child saying to her mom before he died..she
what she knows: take responsibility for the space you hold, third law of motion–for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction–her religion
do unto;s
the flow
energy in the flow
she feels strong in her life
you are either in flow or out of it
if you are in’s flowing with the stream
the flow is in direct porportion to where god is
the source of energy–how far you are from this is how out of sync you are
authentic power–when your personality comes to align with your being/true self..
this show has been my life..i know what it’s time to say goodbye
the most beautiful flowering tree
everything passes in its many times you are on the influential list, forbes list
what is real: what is lasting is who you are and what you are meant to bring
what is the gift you are meant to bring and no one can take that away from you
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