Inspire Me Series: Jem on Fashion

I haven’t done an Inspire Me Series post in a long time and after Blogher15…i was reminded about some of the reasons i got into blogging, which was to be inspiring and become inspired and connect with others.  And the feature Inspire Me Series allows me to do just that…connect with others who inspire me and hopefully have them inspire others all in one. Therefore, it was no brainer who i would reach out to begin this series.
One third of the wolfpack (my ride or die girls)…here’s a pic of us from college days!
She is the middle wolf…she inspires me because her fashion sense is just killer.  Every time i see her, her outfit is on “fleek!” as they say.  Translation, she is always on point and looks good.  Whether she is wearing something casual or dressed up.  She is effortlessly chic to me.  And i aspire to be like that some day with my fashion sense.  So i thought i would pick her brain about her fashion and her sense of fashion.  I hope she inspires you as much as she inspires me with her and her fashion sense.  BTW: i have been trying to get her to start a fashion blog for years!!
What’s your name? Jemima
Have you always been interested in fashion? Yes, both my parents love fashion. I guess they must have rubbed it off on me haha. 
How would you describe your fashion sense? I would describe my fashion sense as simple and classy, and sometimes with a slight edge. Although I may incorporate some trendy stuff occasionally, I don’t necessarily follow trends. I honestly just like clothes and looking nice, sometimes I play ‘dress up’ at home with different outfit combinations to see what works and what doesn’t. It’s like a hobby.
Where do you find your fashion inspirations? I find fashion inspiration from everyday people, sometimes from magazines and I really admire Tracy Ellis Ross’ fashion sense.
Where’s your favorite stores to shop/find pieces? I tend not to like shopping from big department stores too much and things that I buy don’t have to have a brand name (I honestly get things simply because I love them and not who made them). I love shopping from little boutique stores in downtown Toronto,, ASOS and Zara. 
What’s your favorite items to shop for? (shoes, clothes, accessories) and why? I love shopping for clothes because then I can find something to wear depending on my mood lol. I’m not too big on shoes because I can make one shoe work for different outfits.
What accessory do you wear everyday? I wear a watch and little stud earrings everyday (well, except when I’m going out for an occasion).
What fashion magazines/blogs/websites do you use for your fashion fix? Well, I used to subscribe to Instyle and Vogue magazines, but have stopped because I just don’t have the time to read them.
What’s your fashion wish list for fall? A NICE trench coat.
What advice do you have for someone that wants to upgrade their fashion sense? Try not to put too many colors together or match all the colors in your outfit; having a neutral piece and popping it with one or two colors is fine. 
And now onto 5 Styles and where you can get the looks from.  I am so trying some of these looks as soon as this baby comes out!

 Top: TJ Maxx, Pencil Skirt: African print from Ghana, Shoes: Nordstrom.

 Dress: Jessica Simpson, Shoes:

 Wearing a traditional African design from Ghana.

 Wearing an orange jacket from, hmmm I think Burlington coat factory over a simple knee length dress. Shoes: DSW   Event: All White Party. Top: ASOS, Pants: Banana Republic, Shoes: DSW

I am going to remember to have fun with fashion but seriously Jemima Inspires Me to at least try when it comes to my fashion.  Oh and don’t let me not start with her hair game…which is always on fleek too!  Thanks Jemima for helping me revive my Inspire Me Series!

Question of the Day: Who inspires you when it comes to fashion?

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