Inspire Me Series: Aleshia and Houston

A few months ago, i had the pleasure of completing an interview with Aleshia and her husband Houston from the show, Seven Year Itch on FYI.  Obviously the show was a success and they continue to be happily married and even welcomed a lovely little girl in December.

Aleshia is currently working on her masters in Health Care Administration.  Her favorite tv shows include: The Walking Dead, South Park and the Big Bang Theory.Here is the interview in Aleshia’s own words.  She likes to listen to the Weekend and Drake and all kinds of artist like Hozier.  Aleshia reportedly met her husband in bar but they didn’t hit it off…at all until they got connected through mutual friends.  Glad they were able to make it work because they appear to be a loving couple.

Here’s the interview:

1. How did you initially get involved with the show? I happened to see a posting online and thought we could really benefit from it.

2. What did you learn from Leah? I feel like Leah showed me pitfalls of not spending enough time with your partner and that it could also lead to infidelity.

3. What did you learn about yourself? I learned that I really value the small moments with my husband. Even a short phone call or text means so much more to me now after spending a solid 2 weeks apart.

4. What did you learn about your husband after the show? I learned that he saved his “niceness” for me, which makes me feel special. Leah complained that Neal was nice to everyone which made it less meaningful to her.

 5. Have you been to any of Houston’s DJing gigs? Oh yea! I try to support him as much as I can. I love seeing him in his DJ element, he really lights up.

6. What’s a typical date night look like? We do all kinds of things, but typical the movies, Netflix, or going out to dinner.

7. Are you going to tell your little girl you were on a television show? Of course! She’ll probably get a kick out of her birth being announced on TV.

8. Would you do another reality show? I would if I felt like it was beneficial for me or those who watch it. I really enjoyed the fact that our show was helpful to other married viewers. They said it helped open up communication and bring up topics not usually discussed.

9. What did you learn from Neal? Neal taught me different ways to communicate my desire for attention without “nagging”. He also reinforced how important it is to remain attractive to your spouse.

10. Have you maintained contact with any of the other couples? Yes, we’re still in contact with Leah and Neal via social media and text. Leah actually recently made a visit to Las Vegas, so we got to spend some time with her during here trip here. They are both doing well and adjusting to their new lives. We also made contact with Danielle and Eric via social media. We’d love to meet them one day!

11. What’s something we don’t know about you yet? Random facts about me: I can’t wink😉 lol I’m pretty goofy, love to laugh and have a good time. I love to read and watch all kinds of movies, for me they are like portals to other worlds for awhile. I try not to take life too seriously, just do my best and let God handle the rest:) of handle the rest.

Thank you Aleshia for such a candid interview.  You and Houston definitely inspire us all.
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