Help Me Pay for A Blog Conference….She Blogged

Disclaimer: this rant is mine and mine alone and i am allowed this rant because it’s my blog. if you are offended because you’ve done this before…sorry but it is how i feel.

Good Morning Friends…hope your week is starting off happy!!

This weekend I had some free social media time (during periods when Baby Pancakes was sleeping and or out with his dad–precious quality time/plus i did NOT have to study) and I was super excited to hear all the snippets of what was happening at Blogher 2013  in Chicago with the different presenters and brands and giveaways and so many awesome pictures.  It looked like a total fun/information fest.   For a brief moment, I felt like I was there!!  Maybe, perhaps next year.  I am wishing, hoping, dreaming and planning (yes i am writing this in the sing song way).  Seriously i am working on generating enough income from blogging to attend next year.   Which brings me to reason for my post this morning.

Today’s post is really a venting post so please bear with me.   So while on twitter, I came across this lady’s blog (i don’t really remember her name and she doesn’t read my blog but i felt a strong sense to talk about what i saw on her blog) and she was asking her readers to help her pay for her conference attendance/hotel fees.  Let me repeat that: she was asking her readers to help her pay for her a blog conference.  She actually wrote and I paraphrase: I still have $150 left and if you donated at least $5, I would be able to make my goal so please click here to donate.

Which left me with my jaw to my chin and my mouth wide open!!! I am all for giving space on your blog for ads and sponsorships, doing reviews and giveaways, giving your opinions to make money BUT something about asking begging your readers to help you pay for a blog conference seems so wrong to me.  Did she ever think, some of her readers may also want to attend a conference and had to safe money in order to attend the conference?

A blog conference to me seems like a luxury (or necessity if you are trying to grow/brand your blog) and if you are unable to pay for it from blogging income or your own source of income…you should not ask your readers to help you pay for it.  At least offer your readers something in exchange for donating to your blog conference fees/costs.  That would be the right etiquette i think.

This is the way i look at it...if you can’t afford to do something…don’t do it.  Don’t ask beg others to help you pay for something that you do not have to attend.  I would understand people making donations for surgery, adoptions and or some kind of charity but going to a blog conference…clearly i am totally against this.

Am I being completely judgmental?  Or should people be able to use their blogs for whatever they want? What is the etiquette for asking for money?

And my ranting is done and complete. Thanks for tuning in this morning.

Now back to an inspiration/happy quote for the day:


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20 Responses to Help Me Pay for A Blog Conference….She Blogged

  1. Kita says:

    I saw that on plenty of blogs I thought it was a normal thing so that’s why I never said anything about it. People were asking for sponsorship for everything down to the meal. I even see some asking for the blogalicious conference coming here to Atlanta. I live here and won’t be going because I can’t afford it and would never ask my readers to pay for something that I should be able to fit myself.

  2. omg! I haven’t seen that. I would NEVER EVER have the nerve to ask for donations for that. Even if I were a big blogger who might have some valuable add real estate to offer. I’m not gonna say I think it’s awful but just that I would never feel comfortable doing so and I kinda raise my eyebrows at the practice.

  3. april says:

    People these days are not afraid to beg for money online. If I am sending money to someone online I would like to see proof of receipts lol. There is too many fraudulent things going on on the nets. I remember one girl said she got her house robbed and needed money. Something similar happened to her some years ago. She never mentioned anything about the outcomes either and she was always looking for some validaton/sympathy from her readers. If you ask me I smell fraud. But I would never ask for money. Nuts!

  4. Heather says:

    Yeah…I could never ask for money. Just seems odd.

  5. I am in fact the writer/blogger you are referring to. I’m the one that wrote ” I still have $150 left and if you donated at least $5, I would be able to make my goal so please click here to donate.”

    First, I did make a very conscious effort to offer something in exchange. Every single person who donated got a shout out on the blog and if they donated more than $5 they got additional perks.

    Second- The whole idea behind the asking for donations (I don’t feel I was begging) was to be able to go and be able TO afford it. If anyone was offended by my request, that was not my intention and they had the right to simply move on to the next post.

    Third- Lots of people were requesting donations to go to this conference. Yes, I agree that donations to charitable causes are important. However, if funding dreams is a bad thing Kickstarter and other crowd funding sites would not exist.

    Lastly- I do intend to seek other avenues to get myself to the next conference and any other event I feel the need to go to in order to keep expanding my career. I will also continue seeking donations because I feel like there is nothing wrong with that!

    Have a great week and good luck with your blog 🙂

    • I knew you would read the post and I’m so glad you are not offended by it in anyway. I was merely stating what I thought about the idea which I still don’t agree with but to each their own! Thank you for the well wishes on my blog…same to you Ashley!

      • Not gonna lie, was slightly offended because I felt like one minute you were saying something nice to me on my blog and the next writing this post chastising me. I see your point, I really do, but it did kinda feel like a slap in the face to find it after see your “Awesome that people were able to donate to your cause!” comment. Ya know?

        Oh well, c’est la vie! Sincerely hope we both end up at BlogHer 14 and can meet one another and have pancakes…or something. mmmm…pancakes. love me some pancakes!! LOL

        • I do think it’s awesome that people are willing to donate I just didn’t think its right to ask people to donate for you to go to a conference which like I said in my piece is a luxury. But I do agree that I hope we can meet too at blogHer…and I will be back to check out your blog again:-)

  6. Carissa says:

    I’ve never seen this! I wish I was at Blogher too!! Im all for sponsorship but asking my readers to pay for me is a bit much!!

  7. Faith says:

    Ugh, distasteful and tacky.

    I don’t agree with it one bit. I also feel it’s a little sad to ask your readers to help pay for something. Why not save up for it? If I want a pair of shoes it’s now up to my readers to pay for it?! Gosh. If you can’t afford it, save until you can!

    • Thanks for your comment Faith..i am all about saving for what you want too..took me a long time to get there but it feels wonderful to know this! delayed gratification is rewarding!

  8. YUMMommy says:

    This does come off as being judgmental a bit. At the end of the day there is nothing wrong with asking for help if you need it no matter what the case maybe. I’m a giver by nature and would certainly donate and have donated to other blogger’s cause. I don’t believe that we have to always get something back in return.

    For me knowing that I’ve invested in making a person’s dream come true gives me joy and that is enough. Sometimes you have to open your mind and get out of your feelings to see the big picture. Blog conferences are great tools for those looking to turn their blogs into businesses to support their families. So, instead looking at this as a luxury I look at it as helping someone to something that could enrich their lives and knowledge.

    • Thans for commenting E! We would have to agree to disagree though because i strongly do feel that attending a blog confrence is a luxury AND a place to get knowledge.

  9. Em K says:

    Honestly, I’m with you on this. Maybe it’s a normal thing in blogging now but it seems like more and more I come across blog posts where the blogger is asking for money. I have to say in most cases I think it’s so wrong to ask your readers for money!! Maybe I’m just old school but it seems very tacky.

    The only exception (to me) is a blogger going through a medical crisis or having a hard time with infertility and adoption. but often in these cases the bloggers are doing everything they can to raise money and you can tell it’s extenuating circumstances, not something frivolous.

    to quote you – sorry this is how I feel!

    you are not alone in your opinion! I dunno, I really like blogging and I like to think of ways to give back to my readers (like hosting a giveaway or giving away ad space) not ask them to fund my adventures.

  10. Krysten says:

    Hmm. I’m not sure where I fall on this. I think it’s okay to ask for someone to sponsor you. I mean, people that attend these conferences sometimes get sponsorships that allow them to go. So… I guess what’s really the difference?

    I personally wouldn’t give her money. I had a budget that is hard enough to stick to, especially when I’d rather put money towards going to a conference MYSELF. But to each their own.

  11. Mrs JK says:

    I certainly wouldn’t ask for money on my blog, and if I can avoid it, in general. And because of that I’d be weirded out if someone asked me for money for something like that. But hey, different strokes for different folks.

  12. Samantha says:

    I agree with you! Sponsorship is one thing, but asking for handouts on a blog is another. Visiting from the #SITSShareFest