Emmys Fashion: In One Word!!

I didnt’ watch the Emmys because i had to go to bed early but the fashion is always fun to look at.  Here are some of my thoughts on the fashion from last night in one or two words.

Halle Berry…Divine!

Halle Berry

Lena Dunham…WHY???

Lena Dunham

Giuliana Rancic…Eat Something (the dress is pretty though!!)

Giuliana Rancic

Kerry Washington…mmhm…not sure

Kerry Washington

Sophia Vergara…sexy!

Sofía Vergara

Camila Alves….LOVE!

Camila Alves

Laura Prepon…NO!

Laura Prepon

Debra Messing–Interesting!

Debra Messing

Laverne Cox…undecided!

Laverne Cox

Uzo Aduba….LOVE Crazy Eyes so should could have worn anything and it would be LOVE.

Uzo Aduba

Julia Roberts…Slayed It!!!

Julia Roberts

Question of the Day: Any Emmys fashion looks that stood out for you this year?

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4 Responses to Emmys Fashion: In One Word!!

  1. halle’s dress is fantastic. I feel like that Lena chick purposely tries to dress ugly sometimes, it’s like her big F/U to the world, butit just makes her look…not good

    • Love Halle and Julia. Lena makes me shake my head every time because there’s so much fun to be had with fashion!! She could be promoting some designers she believes in at least… Or maybe she is! I dunno!! Oh vey!

  2. JJ says:

    I love the dresses as well. But I was wondering why Mrs. Rancic looks so sharp along the edges. She needs to eat something!

  3. Chantal says:

    Agree! I like Julia’s dress a lot. She’s getting more and more beautiful as well as Halle Berry. About the dress of Laverne Cox, I’m undecided as well. Some parts of the dress look good and some look like they don’t belong there. Personally, I like red gowns. Mostly, they look classy and stylish. Thank you for the pictures with good comments! I was curious who rocked it at Emmys.