Define it for Yourself First!

It’s important to define the words you are using to shape your 2017.

There is a difference between goal and vision and tasks and a few years ago, it was important for me to discover these so that i can be successful at doing what i wanted to do.  It’s easy to be overwhelmed if we are uncertain of what we are working on.  And the sure bet to feel discouraged and overwhelmed is to set up ourselves for failure.  Define what your intentions are first…is what you are trying to achieve, a vision, a goal, a task?

When you know what you are working with, it’s much easier to focus and live 2017 with intention and purpose.

Here goes… breaks it down very simply and i like that.

Vision is your aspiration for your life and the world.

Mission is how YOU can help fulfill this aspirations.

Goals are end results that you want to achieve.

Objectives are sub goals with measurable outcomes that are expected to get you to your goals.

Activities/Tasks are actions you take to support your goals and objectives.

Strategies are your methods for achieving your goals and objectives.

Of course all of these definitions are interrelated however when you break it down in this format, it helps you focus on your journey.  Having a broader perspective in your vision allows you to make goals and choose objectives and activities that will help you achieve your ultimate vision.

Here’s a tangible example:

Vision: to be a health influencer in my family.

Mission: i will live a healthy lifestyle.

Goal: i will eat healthy and workout daily.

Objectives: i will eat a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and work out Mon-Fri.

Activities: i will eat oatmeal, chicken and broccoli and do boxing Mon-Wed, Bike Thur-Fri.

Strategies: i will have an accountability partner, use an exercise journal and food app.

This is one tangible example and there could be hundreds of variations in this but from the vision down to the strategy, it is very focused and specific.  Essentially, i went from wide view lens perspective to very small piece of the picture.

It helps sometimes to go from bottom up, strategy-activities-objectives-goal-mission-vision, if you are already an anxious person or doing this for the first time, to eliminate anxiety and feeling of overwhelmed and failure.  Some people thrive on up-down perspective and that’s okay.  The most important thing is defining it for yourself, breaking it down and then making a plan of attack, whichever side you begin, the more important thing is to begin, to start!

Hope this is helpful…send me an email ( if you need some more guidance and or an accountability partner!

Here’s to defining it for yourself so you can remain motivated, purposeful and sucessfull in 2017!





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