Decisions, decisions…

This morning ladies, i decided i am allergic to mornings.
Yes you read that right. 
Mrs. Pancakes has an allergy reaction to mornings.
Every morning when i wake up, i start sneezing.  
I am not sure why this.
It could be dust in the air. 
But i continue to sneeze even when i get to work.
I could just be coming down with a cold.
But i would like to believe i am just allergic to mornings.
Which is just too bad…because i like when the sunrises in the morning.
I wonder if i will be allergic to mornings on vacation!
Mrs. Pancakes!
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About Mrs. Pancakes

I became Mrs. Pancakes on 4.23.11! I became Mama Pancakes on 8.28.12! And our lives were forever changed! I call myself Mrs. Pancake because my man loves him some good and fluffy pancakes! The Pancake Life chronicles a life that is happy, inspiring, motivating and lived to the fullest! Why don't you stay a while and enjoy in the The Pancake Life!
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17 Responses to Decisions, decisions…

  1. Dominique W. says:

    I know if the sun shines directly in peoples’ eyes they can sneeze. Does the sun shine bright through your window? 🙂 I’m allergic to morning too but I just yawn all morning. LOL

  2. Alida says:

    I have always been allergic to mornings…and I am not looking for a cure!!

  3. I wish I wasn’t allergic to mornings because I have a feeling I would be soooo much more productive if I got up early. Sigh. WHY, OH WHY, can’t I be a morning person??

  4. Lol@ Alida! I am not looking for a cure either:-)

  5. Heather says:

    I’m with you — allergic to mornings, especially Mondays — LOL.

  6. Hmmm I hate waking up in the morning haha. I don’t know I guess I am allergic? I am a night owl lol. And you entered my giveaway and I’m just letting you know that you need to be a Google Friend Connect follower otherwise it won’t be a valid entry! So just letting you know, if you want to be in it! Thanks!


  7. You have to go on vacation and find out if you’re still allergic to mornings!

  8. lol I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to mornings as well. I sneeze and I’m nauseous. Every morning…and the earlier I wake up, the worse it is! lol! You are not alone!!! 🙂

  9. Sunshine says:

    I have that same allergy! lol

  10. I am definitely allergic to mornings too 🙂

    Enjoy the rest of your week. I hope the allergies get better.

  11. Dana says:

    I am with you. I am allergic to mornings as well.

  12. @Dominque…i haven’t taken notice about wakinng up to the sun but i should though! thanks for the info!

  13. Lol…absolutely! Ask your boss if you can make ‘arrangements’ for this allergy. 😉

  14. Evelien says:

    Poor you 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love that picture too… My sister took it!
    And I love your blogname! My hubby loves his pancakes too, hmmm 🙂

  15. What?! I thought I was the only one.
    Except I just can’t open my eyes!! Wait, come to think of it I think that might be everyone’s reaction to mornings so perhaps I’m not allergic to mornings!! lol

  16. Anonymous says:

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  17. Anonymous says:

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