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Over the summer, i fell back in love with watching television again.  I have been off watching television because so many of them you have to keep up constantly especially the dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.  And at some point in my life, the time just wasn’t there.  And then i discovered Netflix recently and have been back in love with TV series again…and oh it feels so good.   Netflix is definitely a genius invention (i know i am late to the admiration of Netflix but it’s never too late to love and praise a good thing) because it allows you to watch a seasons worth of episodes in a few days or week versus the usual three to six months every single week.  I just didn’t have that luxury.

Currently, these are the series i have been obsessing over during the summer break:

1. The Orange is the New Black…such a good show.  The characters, their stories, their friendships, their struggles, their challenges, the raunchy scenes, the laughter, Crazy Eyes/Suzanne…i love them all.  It definitely makes me appreciate the struggle of women who are incarcerated.  The writers are so talented to turn such a hard topic into a show that is so relateable.

What Should Your “Orange Is The New Black” Prison Nickname Be? I got Golden Girl hehehe

2. Prison Wives…and of course the beauty of Netflix…once you watch one show it recommends other shows in the same genre.  This show just totally fascinated me.  The fact that some of these wives will never have any kind of personal contact with their husbands outside of thirty minutes to several hours.  And being married to a man for over thirteen years without any conjugal visits.  The emotional connections were just amazing to watch.  I was trying not to clinically analyze the wives/man and in the end, i came away with sometimes your heart just loves who it loves and there is not much you can do about them.  I do have to be honest that some of the women/man…i thought had some unresolved emotional issues that would lead them to marry someone who is incarcerated for life without parole.  But a fascinating show.

3. Scandal–i can’t say enough about HOW GOOD THIS SHOW IS.  Seriously, the writing, the acting, the characters, the storylines, the fashion….everything is just amazing about Scandal.  I watched the last season in like two days…i was a little obsessed because that was a lot of television time.  I can’t wait to see where they take the storyline next.

Scandal - Season 2 Poster

4. Marriage Bootcamp: Bridezilla…i haven’t watched Bridezilla in a long time but i was intrigued to watch this show and i am glad i watched it.  Not for the crazy antics but the show makes you realize that marriages are worth working on whether you’ve been married for a few months or years.  There are lots of stress factors in our daily lives that can make us neglect our marriages and it’s important to take time to work on them.  I really enjoyed most of the therapeutic techniques they used throughout the series.

Marriage Boot Camp Bridezillas

5. Married at First Sight–this show is not on Netflix but on FYI and it’s such an interesting show.  I want to talk more about it in another post but basically these three couples get matched up by experts and without seeing each other get married for six weeks and must decide after this time whether to remain married or not.  It’s so fascinating…probably more than Prison Wives but without all the clinical assessment i was doing.  Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, i would highly recommend it.  It’s a fantastic social experiment on human behaviors/society/ideas about marriage, etc.

Why 'Married at First Sight' May Be the Best Way to Find Love on Reality TV (VIDEO)

These are the shows that i currently have been watching and it’s all been good and interesting in different ways.  With Netflix…i am no longer stressing about missing a show.  Now only if they would get Gilmore Girls on there…i so want to watch that show….heard so many good things about it years ago.

Question of the Day: What shows are you currently watching? On TV or Nextflix?

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9 Responses to Currently Watching…

  1. I’m currently hooked on The Killing and The Fall. I’ve always been interested in crime/law. My husband is forever telling me I should’ve become a private investigator. LOL.

    I already finished both seasons of OITNB and can’t wait for season three. With Netflix, I don’t watch many cable shows. Heard about Married At First Sight, but haven’t had any interest in watching it. I think we have too many shows that make too light of the sacredness that marriage is supposed to be.

    • I’m super excited about OITNB season 3 too but it’s so far away. Married at First Sight is actually really good and a good take on marriage…marriage is hard and all the individuals are trying to make it work!

  2. Nae says:

    LOVE OITNB! Also, currently loving Suits. My guilty pleasure these days is Candidly Nicole….Nicole Ritchie’s new reality show on VH1 – she is just so silly to me that it’s funny. Prison Wives sounds interesting, may have to check it out!

  3. I had the privilege of seeing Kerry Washington speak at BlogHer and she is just a class act. I LOVE Scandal (she was the reason I went to BlogHer). I’m currently watching re-runs of the Office bc I read Mindy Kaling’s book and just find her superbly funny. I watched first season of Orange is the New Black but haven’t been able to get into the second season as much

  4. Mrs. K says:

    Currently, I don’t watch any shows but your description of some of these shows have sparked my interest. Although, I probably don’t have time to watch any because I choose sleep. LOL–adjusting to life with a preschooler and a young infant :).

  5. Denese says:

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