Christmas Shopping & Giving

Good Monday Morning…

Betty Boop looked too fierce….i wish i looked like that right now!


There are only eight shopping days until Christmas and i have to say i can’t wait to be done with the countdown.  Not that i am counting down because i am so not in the spirit of shopping (i love to give but i really try and not get involved in the hustle and bustle of shopping).  But i have seen too many people rushing and going and going and the holiday season shouldn’t be all about shopping for items that kids are going to use and forget about in less than a week.  And even online shopping is not as fun as it once was…the companies are getting away with too many hidden fees in the shipping and handling. The madness needs to stop.  Especially since this time of year is supposed to be joyful.

Christmas definitely has become too commercialized.  When did i become soooooo old? I used to love being part of the commercialization of Christmas.  I loved shopping for Christmas…even when i was young and didn’t have a lot of money.  But Christmas has become more about: “what are you getting me? “what did you give me?” than about giving of ourselves and time.

A few years ago…one of my nieces was gifted with so many toys that by the end of the night, she had lost most if not all of the pieces to her Barbie doll set.  She seemed to entitled to all the gifts.  It made me sad to think that at five years old, she did not even know the meaning behind gifts and giving during the holidays.

Since Baby Pancakes is young right now…we are not so focused on gifting him with the latest toys.  Remember the Tickle Me Elmo craze? I don’t think i would have been one of those parents.  He would have gone without Tickle Me Elmo…truth be told, i don’t even know the names of popular toys for sixteen month old boys.  I know there is a list somewhere.

If anything…we are giving hm items that we feel he will need and use.  Including books.  Yes i am one of those parents that is going to wrap up books for her son to open on Christmas morning.  I am sure family members will get him toys and honestly most times that’s what people end up doing: toys and clothes, which i am not complaining about one bit.   I would prefer to do things differently in my home.

The other day hubby and i were having a conversation about purchasing stuff for other people’s children.  I am all for giving items that are more functional like savings bonds and educational items.  Things i would want for my child.  And of course, hubby said most people and children prefer toys over other things.  No one likes to get an educational toy….especially if it’s not an electronic one.  I understand the immediate gratification that children receive from getting toys…but toys also break whereas something like a savings bond can last for a long time.  I know…that’s boring but so much more wiser.  A savings bond will be there next year, whereas a toy may not.

Maybe i am thinking too rationally about shopping and giving during the holiday.  Should i be like everyone else and get involved in the hustle and bustle of shopping just to buy the status quo toys?  Or should i stick to my guns and be the aunt/friend who gives gifts that are not fun but more long term? Or are my ideals going to totally change about shopping and giving the older Baby Pancakes’ gets?

And while we are speaking of shopping and giving for Christmas, when did i get to the point when i didn’t really want anything? If you are reading this Mr. Pancakes err Santa…you still have to get me something!!


Question of the Day: Are you a big shopper around the holidays? Do you give fun or more practical gifts?


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8 Responses to Christmas Shopping & Giving

  1. I agree with you on many points. While my son is young I’ve asked people to contribute to his 529. He has no idea about the idea of Christmas in the commercialized sense. Heck he didn’t even get all giddy over his birthday presents. He liked the wrapping paper but he didn’t have that immediate OMG reaction. He loves his gifts now and plays with them as much as he can but there still isn’t any fan fair for him yet.

    Once he gets older I’ll be more into the presents aspect of it all. One year my nephew made two piles of his Christmas presents- one for items that he was going to keep and one for items that he wasn’t. All of the clothes went in the ‘not keeping pile’ amongst some other things. Girl, I was floored- I couldn’t believe it. Chile, I’m still flabbergasted.

  2. JJ says:

    I hear ya. It’s really sad that it is now over commercialized.
    We are being our little girl educational items but we’re getting our nieces and nephews the toys they asked for. We have a$30 limit per kid.

  3. I ask mom what my nephew NEEDS. I get him that even if it is boring clothes and then I’ll throw a toy in. He’s only 3. He has so much already. He still doesn’t know exactly what things he wants at that age so that’s good enough. I say stick to your guns. The holidays shouldn’t be about spending a lot of money on everybody.

  4. Lauren says:

    With having a December baby & Christmas within 2 weeks…it’s hard. Right now the presents are overflowing, but I think we might start a new tradition in a couple of years where Elyse’s presents are limited. It’s easy for us to make that decision, but I’m pretty sure the grandparents won’t go with it. I think a few fun items are great fun…but it’s definitely easy to go overboard!

  5. Faith says:

    I am so with you on this! It is sad how the true meaning of Christmas has been lost.

    I am not giving any of my niece or nephews toys. They are getting books or clothes, lol. Actually my nephew is also getting a video that I know he would love but no toys from Auntie Faith or Uncle Sean. They already have enough toys and they will get plenty from other relatives.

    I also don’t have a list of what I want because I truly don’t need anything. It gets harder every year to tell people what to get me when they ask. I’m thinking there are a few books I want to read so I’m going to request a few books but besides that, I don’t know what else ….

  6. Mimi says:

    I am over the Christmas shopping. My husband and I don’t want our children to feel entitled so we decided this year to limit their gifts to 3 a piece for the 2 older ones and a few more for the baby. They get things year round so now is not the time to stress getting but to focus more on giving. Like you said kids today can be entitled but if we don’t teach them they will never know.

  7. Kita says:

    The meaning of Christmas has been lost for years. I get the kids a few items and that’s about it. This year I kept it simple very simple only buying one big ticket item the rest are from small businesses. I called this Christmas the year to support smaller.

  8. Pegster says:

    I so agree with you with the holiday being over commercialized. I do love this time of the year but I must say it gets outrageous for sure.