Celebrating a Good Movie

It would be nice just to go to the movies and enjoy it without there being an issue of race.

There were many that were surprised (according to Yahoo) that The Best Man Holiday was the number two movie in the country.  Mainly because it was a sequel to a movie that came out fifteen years ago but mostly because it was a movie about African-Americans.

I would like to think that African-Americans like to watch movies about themselves.  But i would like to think even more so than that…African-American movies share themes and topics that all races can relate too.  Some topics are universal like love, friendship, relationships, the holiday, etc.

The fact that shows like Scandal and Sleepy Hollow (both headed by black female actresses) is a hit is because it translates beyond race and delves into stories that are interesting and intriguing to the masses.  And i believe movies like The Best Man Holiday and other recent movies like Lee Daniel’s The Butler and Fruitvale Station have been popular are because these were stories/themes that appealed to everyone.

Race may play some part  in other areas of our lives (politics, education, social beliefs) but it’s nice that when movies come out…we can put race aside and just go and enjoy a movie.  Movies after all are supposed to make us feel good about our lives in some ways.

Some of my favorite movies have nothing to do with race but everything to do with the storyline, it’s characters and the themes.  Those are areas that bring me pure enjoyment.

Question of the Day: How do you choose your movies?


best man

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4 Responses to Celebrating a Good Movie

  1. Faith says:

    I often choose my movies based on who is in it. If my favorite actor/actress is in the movie I’m most likely going to want to see it. As long as it’s not scary I’ll watch it.

    I heard so many great things about the movie! So many said they cried, I can’t wait to see it.

  2. Sleepy Hollow? never heard of that. My fave movie is Law Abiding Citizen. I love a good thriller, action and suspense…and maybe Jamie Foxx. Lol! I’m a mushy girl sometimes so I love chick flicks but i don’t think i ever re-watched any chick flick. Law Abiding Citizen is the only movie I watched about 6 times!

  3. jj says:

    I am with you. I choose based on the story line. I do like to go support “Black movies” that I think will be good. However, if it is something I don’t find interesting or care much about, I don’t go for the sake of it.
    I am happy to see a move diverse lead character on successful TV shows.

  4. I chose based on the story and the actors in it. If a movie looks so so but there are actors I like in it I will still see it. I had that same thought about the lead in Sleepy Hollow. It’s such a great role! Race is not a factor in the story AND they chose her for the lead. I really love that and I’m hoping to see more of it.