Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha & Miranda

Most people or everyone should have known by the names which show i was referring to.  It’s been ten years since Sex and the City ended it’s run on television.  Can you believe, it’s been that long? I know we had the movies and it was great to catch up with them but watching the show for six years was magical and enchanting.  It may sound cliche, but i loved these ladies and their friendships.

sex and the city

I can vividly remember the first time i came across an episode of Sex and the City.  I was flipping through the TV, late at night, when i came across Carrie talking about one of the many guys she was dating.  The dialogue and scenes were so honest, i was hooked.  And then i found out about Mr. Big and felt like i had a Mr. Big and of course, i made a connection to Carrie, right then and there.  Then i found out my best friends from college were fans and it was on…i joined the Sex and the City fan club and the rest was history.

I was there for every single episode…the men–Mr. Big, Aiden, the psychiatric patient boyfriend, the one that couldn’t get it up, the one that had ADD, the young bi-sexual boyfriend, Alexander Petrovsky and the list goes on and on!!  Ah the memories.

I have ALL the DVDs and there was a period after the show stopped airing on television and i was going thru withdrawals and saw every single episode like a hundred times.   It was bad but oh so worth it.  I didn’t have kids then and wasn’t married so i could really indulge.

There were so many things that made Sex and the City great and i am going to list a few of my favorite.

1. Friendships–no matter what was going on, the girls were there for each other.  They laughed, they cried, they fought, they made up, they loved.  We all wanted our friendships to be like that.


2. The Clothes–who didn’t want every single outfit Carrie wore during the last season of the show? So much opulence…loved every single over the top outfit.

3. The Shoes—remember when Carrie’s shoes were stolen at the baby shower? And when she was robbed for her shoes? Classic shows.  And when she said she would literally become the old lady who lived in her shoes?  I had never heard of Manolos and how many of us have tried to run in heels and realized, it’s not that easy after all.  Well done Carrie Bradshaw!!

Or in my case- in the barn, on my horse in the form of handmade bits, bosalita hangers, and hand braided tack. But I do love me some Carrie!

4. The Men–no one actually dated that many people…but apparently Carrie always managed to meet and date a man.  Proving that sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs to meet your prince.

The Men of Sex and the City

It’s one of those shows that will forever go down in history as amazing and one of a kind.   And i am glad we had the girls when we did because i think it allowed for an opportunity to generate many questions and answers about love, sex, relationships, friendships, cancer, infertility and all that life has to offer.  The show and the topics were by no means perfect but it was great in all it’s imperfections.

And for that i say thank you Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda! You friendships live on!!

Question of the Day: Did you watch the show? What’s your favorite episode?

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6 Responses to Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha & Miranda

  1. Faith says:

    10 years?! WOW! Can’t believe how quickly time has passed. It was such a great show and I loved watching it with all of my girlfriends. It was our thing in college and I miss that so much.

    I honestly can’t pick a favorite episode …

  2. Darby Hawley says:

    yes!!!! I loved and still love this show! These girls are still the best of friends in my mind 🙂

  3. I hear there could possibly be a SATC 3 movie to come. SJP said that she has an idea for it all laid out but it hasn’t been pitched yet. I’m hoping it does get picked up because the show and the movies are just so iconic now.

    While it is a little bit out there for some with the sexual content, it’s real in a lot of aspects and I think that’s what people loved and still love about it today. I definitely see myself as a combination of all the ladies in one way or another.

  4. nylse says:

    There was an episode where one of the girls had to remove another one’s tampon (or thought she had to) and I thought – I don’t know if I could do that for a very good friend.

  5. Teems says:

    Hmmm thats tough. I just remember sneaking to watch this show at night when It first came out. Then I ended up making my husband watch it with me towards the end of its run. One of my most memorable episodes was when Samantha was seeing a black guy. IDK -Her character was crazy. lol

  6. I loved it too!! I watched every episode and always thought I best fit Miranda. I loved the movie too!! I really thought it did the show justice and was a great follow up.