Can You Be Revirginized?

Happy Monday Friends…I wasn’t sure where to start this morning but this idea came to me because of some entertainment news i heard over the weekend.  But before i begin this morning….kudos to all the marches across 100 cities asking for Justice for Trayvon.  It was beautiful and powerful to see everyone coming together for one  very significant goal that affects us all.

And also can I tell you my son is a mini Spiderman…he climbs everything now…couches, tables, beds, his toy drums, into the dishwasher….name it he is attempting to climb into.  We are so proud!!!

Now onto Revirginized…awkward segue i know but forgive me.  According to the Urban Dictionary, Revirginized is:Someone who has gone so long without sex, they basically earned their virginity back.  Is that even possible you ask? Well according to some people YES and others it’s a big fat NO.

So this came about because Tamera Mowry-Housley…one half of the duo Tia and Tamera spoke about her experiences of being a virgin until the age of 29 and then after she lost her virginity, she felt guilty so she refrained from any more canoodling with her fiance until they were married.  Hence, she was revirginized (celibate) until her wedding day. Is celibacy the same as revirginalization?


Also Sean Lowe apparently did the same thing.  He became a Born Again Virgin.  A conscience decision he made after college.  He has reportedly decided to wait until marriage to break his virgin again.


So there you have, two cases in the media of people who have chosen to remain celibate until marriage.  Primarily for religious reasons.  But does that constitute as revirginalization? Or is this behavior just considered: celibacy? (celibate:One who abstains from sexual intercourse, especially by reason of religious vows).

And if you’ve been celibate for a long time, then does make you a virgin again? So many questions? And so many answers.  I am sure someone has written a dissertation about this topic for their religion class.

You be the judge? What do you say about this topic? Can someone become revirginized? Just leave a YES or NO in your comments…elaborate further if you are able to?

Have an awesome day and remember:


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16 Responses to Can You Be Revirginized?

  1. I did not know this about Sean and Tamera!! Good for them! We actually had something in common, even though I had been with my husband 8 years before getting married–during our 9th year, we became celibate, it was also the year before we got married.

    Do I think you can become revirginized? No, but yes, definitely in your spirit you can.

  2. I realize my opinion is like a you know what but seriously, the answer is NO! You are a virgin only one way, once it’s gone, forget trying fix it. No take backs! You can claim celibacy all day long, but let’s not compare yourself to people who actually waited until marriage. It’s NO comparison & before your readers tell me to climb down off my soap box, I don’t hold a v-card, IJS!

    I’m still laughing at earning their virginity back, lol!

  3. Alison says:

    By definition — nope. You can only lose your virginity once! But it’s still admirable to choose to be celibate even if you’re not a virgin. Your past shouldn’t dictate your future behavior and decisions.

  4. Krysten says:

    No. It’s ridiculous. You are a virgin ONCE and once you have sex you just aren’t anymore. I don’t care how long someone goes without sex, your virginity doesn’t grow back. You can say, “Oh I’ve been celibate since such and such a time.” But saying you’re a virgin just because you’ve gone a length of time without sex? To me that’s lying to yourself and others.

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  5. I honestly don’t think they mean physically revirginized, lol…only doctors can prove that. I believe for them it is just a thing of the mind and their moral. Aint nothing wrong with that 🙂

  6. Nope. Once its gone, that’s a done deal. After that, you’re just celibate.

  7. Sherelle says:

    This is a very interesting post! I read about Tamera’s experience, and It is commendable of her to speak of her personal choices. I don’t feel that you can become revirginized. You can be celibate until marriage, but if you’ve done the ‘do’ then you’ve done the ‘do’, lol! I feel like it would be spiritually cleansing to be celibate with your spouse for a few months leading to your wedding day…gives you some months of frustration, but an awesome honeymoon I suppose.

  8. Natalie says:

    I would have to say no…but kudos for them for making these decisions. I agree with everyone that they are being celibate.

  9. JJ says:

    This is a good post. I agree with what others have posted based on the definition of the word. I guess for some, they feel it is more a state of mind than an actual physical act.

  10. YUMMommy says:

    I think it’s great that so many celebs are coming out into the media and taking about their celibacy and waiting until to marriage. This is not a message you see often. Clearly, you can’t be revirginized physically, but spiritually I think you can.

    Kudos to them. And I hope we see more young people waiting until marriage and valuing their bodies.

  11. Rene says:

    LOL I can’t believe I’m just seeing this post! “Revirginized” I love it! My opinion basically mirrors Joi’s. Once virginity is gone, it’s gone. Husband and I did not engage in coitus (way too much Big Bang) until our wedding night but neither of us was virgins. And neither of us claimed to be revirginized. (is it terrible that that word makes me laugh??) I think I may have to post about this in the near future!!