Blogher15: #NRG is Awesome

Let me say that again, NRG is an awesome, awesome service.   NRG is an energy providing company for your home, car, electronics, rooftop solar to home maintenance.

They seriously took my Blogher15 experience to a higher, more powered level.  Let me explain the awesomeness that is NRG (disclaimer: I was given one of the NRG power outlets as part of their promotion but I would be doing a review for them because I thought they were AWESOME.  Another disclaimer:  I will be using AWESOME a lot in this post).

1) NRG POWERED ME UP when I needed some juice for my phone.  One of the things I was scared about going to a conference where there would be so many events, that my battery would die on a my phone and I would be scrambling to find power and potentially miss a speaker.

2) The Process to being Powered UP.  a) Tweet them that you need power. b) State Location. c) Type of phone (they powered both iPhone and android) d) State how they can recognize (I wore my scarves everywhere).  And within minutes, they respond, locate you, power you up and you are back to a fully functioning technology obsessed blogger.  Only if we could actually do that in real life…life with a cell phone would be filled with so much joy and less anxious that your battery bars are dwindling.

3) I thought I wouldn’t have enough power to film Ava DuVernay speak, so I quickly tweeted NRG and they brought me power just before my phone died.  I was able to have enough power not only to capture this silly moment but also to film Ava giving some encouragement to film makers and dreamers alike about not giving up on their dreams.  I needed my film-maker nephew to hear Ava say “diversify, do not put all your eggs in one basket!”  NRG you are awesome!

4) I saw several people charging their phones against the wall and I was compelled to share my new found source of power (NRG).   I think I seriously connected with more than a dozen women as a result of talking to them about what and how NRG was heightening my Blogher conference experience.

5) At the McDonald’s Closing Party (more to come on that later)…my battery completely died.  And I was panicking.  I remember my sister reminding me to just enjoy the moment but I hadn’t yet finished taking selfies…I had to have a few more selfies with Ronald Mcdonald and Nick Cannon…I had to capture the amazing DJing skills of Mr. Cannon.  Luckily for me…one of my new blogger friends had an NRG pack with one light remaining.  And just like magic NRG powered me up and I was able to enjoy the rest of the evening without any panic attacks.  Did I also mentioned that because I was powered up, we were able to meet up with my mom at the end of the night.  NRG is Awesome!

6) The NRG guy who was running around ALL DAY EVERYDAY giving people power was AWESOME!  One day I think he said he had locked 12miles just running around different places in the hotel bringing people the power source.  He was so nice and friendly and always had a smile on his face!  Thanks NRG guy…now I wished I remembered your name!

 Overall, I was really impressed with the service that NRG provides and I highly recommend looking into getting one…it made my Blogher15 experience even that much better because I always had access to power for my phone.  A blogger without a phone is not a blogger!!

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