BabyMoon: Love @ 1,151feet!!

Today marks fourteen months of LOVE & Marriage for Team Pancakes.
It is also a great time for us to get away and continue in our adventures!
Happy Weekending…
Mrs. Pancakes!
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About Mrs. Pancakes

I became Mrs. Pancakes on 4.23.11! I became Mama Pancakes on 8.28.12! And our lives were forever changed! I call myself Mrs. Pancake because my man loves him some good and fluffy pancakes! The Pancake Life chronicles a life that is happy, inspiring, motivating and lived to the fullest! Why don't you stay a while and enjoy in the The Pancake Life!
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24 Responses to BabyMoon: Love @ 1,151feet!!

  1. what a beautiful babymoon you guys had. i remember having one before my son was born, but we didn’t go on one before our second baby. niagara falls is sooo beautiful, and you captured some amazing photos. 🙂 your bump is beautiful, and love the pic of you and your hubs. 🙂 have a great weekend, mrs. pancakes! 🙂


  2. Lauren says:

    oh how fun! have a great time! We went to Niagara a few years ago & it was quite the experience…such a beautiful natural setting!

  3. Have a great trip! Your baby bump is too precious!

  4. Have a great baby moon! They are definitely needed. Lol. I think y’all picked the perfect location.

  5. Oh how fun!

    Thanks for sharing the bump picture!

  6. Have a great time! A babymoon is such a great idea.

  7. Aw, enjoy your babymoon!

  8. Katie says:

    what a fun weekend!! and what a cute baby bump! : )

  9. Nellie says:

    How exciting, baby moons are awesome 🙂

  10. What a great idea. Hope you had fun.

  11. I have heard about Babymoons! They sound like a great idea!
    I have always wanted to visit Niagara Falls!!!
    Have a wonderful time!!!

  12. kyna... says:

    I hope you have an amazing babymoon! I still have such fond memories of our babymoon…such a special time to enjoy your hubby before you bring your special baby into your lives! xo
    ♥ Kyna

  13. Amy says:

    Awww I hope you had a great babymoon! We didn’t get to take one with my first baby but maybe with the second I can do one too!

  14. Hope you had a amazing trip!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  15. THE mom says:

    Niagara Falls is supposed to be like the most romantic place ever! TONS of people get engaged there! Babymoon…LOVE IT! Yay for bump pic!

  16. Niagara Falls is the perfect spot for a babymoon! have a wonderful time!

  17. Niagara Falls is gorgeous! Hope you had a fantastic weekend. 🙂

  18. I love the idea of a babymoon. It’s something couples really need to keep the love alive 🙂

  19. Nice! Canada is on our bucket list. Hope you 2.5 have {or had?} a great time!

  20. Pegster says:

    YAY for babymoons. Hope you had a great time. We loved Niagara Falls the last time we visited.
    PS – your bump is looking so nice and round. YAY for growing babies

  21. Angela K says:

    Have so much fun! My husband and I need to plan a babymoon!

  22. Meghan says:

    Toronto is beautiful! I’ve never been to the Falls even though I’ve been awfully close to them! Enjoy!!!

  23. i’ve always wanted to go there. looks amazing.