Babylogues: Feeding & Potty Training

I haven’t really mentioned any babylogues updates about Baby Pancakes in awhile so here goes.  There are so many things going on in the area of feeding and potty training.

Mr. Pancakes thought i was being crazy and being funny when i told him to allow Baby Pancakes to eat in nothing but his diaper. I came home one day to find my son walking around happily in his diapers.

I asked, “what’s he doing in his diaper?”

He answered, “We just finished eating dinner!”


See I wasn’t crazy after all. Baby Pancakes has a very straight forward diet, he eats what he likes and he likes what he eats. He was liking hot cereal in the morning but has grown out of that and is back to eating yogurt in the morning.  For lunch, it’s noodles and some veggies.  Spaghetti-o’s are his favorite go to dinner.  He also loves sausages.  His drink of choice is whole milk and water.  We had to stop giving him juice because he was refusing to drink his milk.  Now we only give him juice every once in a blue moon.  His go-to snack are bananas, pineapples, strawberries, fruit snacks, crackers, cheese-strings and he loves his vitamins.  Every morning without fail, he asks cries for his vitamins.  He is a little obsessed.  We try to feed him mostly organic foods.  Of course, this is not always realistic because we don’t always eat organic.  But he does have a pretty good, healthy and clean palette.

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I am moving from feeding to potty training because they definitely go hand in hand.  Baby Pancakes has made me realized how important it is to have a bowel movement on a daily basis.  Seriously, whatever goes into a baby’s mouth will come out on the other side.  And it’s a beautiful thing.

We started potty training maybe when he was fourteen/fifteen months and so far, it’s been going smoothly.  Mr. Pancakes gets the bulk of the credit since they are home together most days.  They have their potty song and dance.  It’s exciting to see all the progress he’s made throughout the months.  He is now able to motion that he wants to use the potty and we HURRY to get to the bathroom just so he can use his potty.  Sometimes we have to sit on the potty for  along time and he will request a magazine.  I mean he is just the cutest!!

Potty training is definitely a long term goal and we are hopeful he will have it down by the time we reach 24months old.  But so far so good.  Sometimes at night when we are getting ready for bed, he will pretend he has to go to the bathroom, just so he can run back into the living room.  But i am catching on to him!!

Overall, i am glad we decided to potty train sooner rather than later.  Plus, it would be awesome when we no longer have to buy diapers/or use cloth diapers.  And he can wear big boy underwear…tear tear cry cry tear….i am so not ready for that part of this growing up process but it’s inevitable.


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I became Mrs. Pancakes on 4.23.11! I became Mama Pancakes on 8.28.12! And our lives were forever changed! I call myself Mrs. Pancake because my man loves him some good and fluffy pancakes! The Pancake Life chronicles a life that is happy, inspiring, motivating and lived to the fullest! Why don't you stay a while and enjoy in the The Pancake Life!
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15 Responses to Babylogues: Feeding & Potty Training

  1. jj says:

    Way to go! We are about to start now. I am looking forward to it because Jordan knows when she is about to or when she poops. She actually tells us so I am taking that as a sign to start.

    What do you think worked best for you?

    • i am going to do a post on how we’ve been potty training but right now what’s working the best is when he even makes a motion like he is able to go….we are mad rushing to the bathroom and also the parents not being lazy to take the child and waiting for a loooooong time for him/her to use the bathroom…i’ve become complacent a few times and that’s not good for consistency sake!!

  2. toi says:

    Claps, he request a magazine who is this little man? I love to hear more about your potty training. We are going out of house potty training and encouraging her to do number 2 in the potty, slowly but surely we’ll get there.

    • seriously…he is a ham!! he was giving a little girl in the magazine a hug the other day while he was on the potty!! i will do a proper post on potty training how-to Pancakes style!!

  3. toi says:

    AOI does the same trick about asking to go to the bathroom just so she can run into our bedroom

  4. Dana says:

    We started potty training at the beginning of the year and it has had its ups and downs. We are still working on it. We give rewards of stickers and sometimes snacks when she goes. We also have a song.

  5. Good job! We are starting to potty train our little girl and so far, she thinks the whole thing is hilarious! I’m sure she’ll be wearing her big girl undies in no time though. 🙂

  6. Pegster says:

    Wow, baby pancakes is so good with food and potty training. So proud of him. He actually listens, that’s amazing.

    I have some pretty picky eater and my kids did not want to have anything to do with potty training.

    Our babies are growing up like crazy, it’s so awesome.

  7. I am so with you on whatever you feed him comes out the other end! We potty trained early too and once baby pancakes masters it you will not be disappointed! We did daytime potty training first, then moved onto naps, then moved onto nights. I found it to be a little less overwhelming for us that way.

  8. Kita Bryant says:

    Awww potty training. My son took a while almost 6 months to fully potty train him but I did let him walk around naked I had my spray bottle in my hand at all times lol

  9. Quiana says:

    Good for you starting early! We did as well with Nia in an easy, non-pushy way and it worked out great. Now with a boy on the way I’m already thinking about how it might be different. My mommy friends of boys tell me I won’t have it so easy but I have a few who did! We’ll see . . .