Babylogues: Celebrating 6 Months

Oh my goodness…you are celebrating your half-birthday!!!
You are 6-months old…when did this happen?

There truly is so much that happens in your life and they

At your last month appointment, you were 
15lbs and 7oz and 26inches long…and you are doing so great.
You are becoming this strong little guy and I can’t wait to 
see you grow into an athletic little man.
You are doing so much everyday.
There truly is so much that happens in your life and they occur so quickly,
 I’m trying to capture every single second and moment.
Let’s see what you’ve been up to this month.


You still LOVE to cuddle with us which is wonderful.
I hope you never grow out of this phase.
We try and give you a million and one kisses per day.
Body Control
You have always had strong body control but as of late you are lifting yourself up more..
so much that we have to make sure our eyes are on you at all times.
  I think you have the strongest stomach, neck and back muscles of any baby ever.  
You are trying to sit up on your own but you haven’t mastered this and you 
go tumbling ace down if we don’t stop you.  You are sitting with some assistance
 and you will do thirty seconds by yourself.  You still prefer to stand whenever you can.  
We’ve started to put you in the bouncer and you like it but your legs are too sure 
so you can’t bounce it but soon enough.

You are still drinking breastmilk and formula, only when mommy doesn’t have enough for you.
I am so thankful you are able to go from breastmilk to formula without any issues.
I still get frustrated sometimes because I am not getting the abundance of milk 
but at least you are getting the amount of milk you need.  
We haven’t decided whether you will be trying solids although whenever we are eating you reach for it.  
We will see how this month goes before deciding on solids.
I am hoping you sleep soon through the the night but that’s not happening as of yet.
I am starting to think it may never happen.
We’ve tried co-sleeping and YOU LOVE it but mommy gets a little scared 
because I’m such a deep sleeper.
We are starting to think you didn’t get our genes for sleeping 
because both your dad and I LOVE to sleep.
We are hoping your sleeping habits matches ours soon enough.
You do take naps during the day BUT only when daddy is holding you.
You are so spoiled loved little baby!!

We are still using cloth diapers…and use disposals when we are going out.
We will probably use cloth diapers all the way through.
We finally had to purchase wipes for the first time…
we have been using the ones we received from your shower.
This month, you had a lot of family involvement especially at your blessing.
And Skype has become an awesome way for everyone to touch base with us.
Granny calls to speak with you.
Auntie, cousins, nieces and nephews all call to speak with you.
Baby Milestones
You laughed this month…
it was so random…and I am glad I was there for it.
We were eating and you were sitting in your chair…
and all of a sudden you started to laugh out loud.
Now you’ve been scarce with the laughs but recently they’ve been coming more frequently.
And they are the cutest and happiest laughs.
**This month has been everything goes in the mouth from your feet,
 to your fingers to everything else you can get your hands and mouth on.
I am pretty sure you are teething,
I have many many teething toys to help you but you would rather use everything else….
oh well!!

Fun Facts
We had a lot of snow so you got a chance to wear your snowsuit.
You look so cute in them.
Grandpa Pancakes got you a new toy who we call Monkey 
and he has become your newest friend.
You like to eat him but oh well…at least you are friends.
You had your blessing at Church this month.
And you did so well…you had your teething toy in your mouth the entire time…
Everyone was so impressed with how well behaved you always are at Church.
Looking Ahead
Rolling over on your own.
Sitting up on your own.
Reading more.
Piano practice.
Take family portraits (mommy is so behind)
Continual growth and development in every single way!
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