25 Day Christmas Photo Challenge: Christmas Traditions

I haven’t been doing a very good job of updating the #eyecandyphotochallenge but I have been capturing Christmas moments and thought I would put that into a post about Christmas traditions.  It’s always fun to think about things you do as a family! Here my Christmas traditions in our house! Our multicultural family  allows us to have many different festive traditions which includes this amazing and tasty Italian Christmas treat called Panattone, English translation “small loaf cake” or some may argue “large cake” (hopefully my lovely Italian sister will correct me). Essentially it comes down to tasty and delicious and very festive! It’s a must during the holiday season. We started an Advent Calendar…so we are not doing it in the traditional sense but we have activities related to Christmas like singing Christmas songs, making ginger bread house, taking silly pictures by the tree! My son is getting a kick out of the activities…it’s definitely a fun time right now because of him. This is perhaps one of the most festive houses in  our neighborhood.  The complete house is decorated with lights!! It’s so pretty!  We finally decorated the outside of our house and I still haven’t taken any pictures because when we come home I’m so tired but I’ll try and do so today! When you have kids they demand these things! This helps us to keep track of our countdown plus the advent calendar.  I’ve had this for awhile now and now Little Man is able to get in on the fun, so when he asks how many days until we can open presents. I can just tell him to look at the countdown Santa!The white Christmas tree is growing on me.  We haven’t started too much with putting ornaments on there…some from the dollar store because I really don’t want expensive ornaments breaking every year so I’m holding off until they are older.  Last year one of our favorite ornaments Little Man got for his first birthday broke and that was very sad.  We also added making gingerbread village (which is much harder than it looks…pictures will follow when we are complete!).  This year we are hoping to add Christmas matching pajamas which I’m super excited about.  Onesies for all…the hubby is not thrilled but he will go along because that’s what you do for family traditions.  Anyway so there you have it, our Christmas traditions…what are some of yours? 

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