20 Questions

A few months ago one of Oprah’s magazines had 20 questions that you should ask yourself to help change your life.  I was of course all over these questions and wanted to help me process through some things about life and everything that is holds for me.  After all, Oprah is the guru on life and self-discovery and living your best life.  Who doesn’t want that.

I am hoping that these 20 questions will help me in my quest for self-discovery this month.  In addition to these questions, i am also doing a Daniel’s Fast which is to help me develop a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, seek answers to prayer, and grow in the love and knowledge of the Savior.  For me it’s also a way to become more disciplined with the choices i am making in my life.

These two areas of focus in addition to reading A New Earth this month, i hope helps me to continue to become a better version of myself.

Now onto to the first question from the 20 questions:

Do i examine my life enough?

This is a great question because one of the reasons i am doing this is to examine my life more.  I don’t think i examine in depth my life enough.  Daily i examine what i am doing and not doing.  Mostly as it relates to my life as a mother and wife.  I am constantly questioning my choices in these two areas but my life cannot, does not and should not COMPLETELY revolve around these two roles.

After all i am also a woman with needs.  And my life cannot exist if i am not  a woman first.

I am learning to not examine my life as a woman as it relates JUST to my body and image.

I am a thinking, feeling, acting woman with needs that goes beyond my physical characteristics.  My body does more than just carry fat and cellulite.  My body is a baby making vessel.  A vessel for God to continue creating his Kingdom on Earth.  My brain is capable of developing and creating things that i couldn’t even imagine.  My legs carry me into the future.  My arms embrace my child and husband.  My heart allows me to give hope to those that are hopeless.  My life is so worth examining over and over again because every single time i will find something new to marvel over.

I am realizing (as i am getting older) that a life unexamined is one not worth living because if we don’t examine our lives we cannot grow and change and develop and become better versions of ourselves.  Life is a journey filled with change and growth and the only way to live is to examine it…regularly.


"I'll look back on this and smile, because this was life and I decided to live it." `unkn #positive #quote positive quotes

Here are the list of 20-Questions:

2. Do i care too much about what people think?

3. Am i with the right person?

4. What’s your deal breaker? (in love?)

5. What do i really want to do all day?

6. How do i want to be remembered?

7. Do i say yes enough?

8. Do i now how to say no?

9. Am i helpless?

10. Am i helpful?

11. What am i afraid of?

12. Am i paying enough attention to the incredible things around me?

13. Have i accepted my body?

14. Am i strong enough?

15.Have i forgiven my parents?

16. Do i want children? (more children)?

17. Does what i wear reflect who i am?

18. What am i missing out on?

19. Do i let myself fail enough?

20. Why are we here?


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3 Responses to 20 Questions

  1. LaShawn says:

    I really need to take the time to examine my life more often. I love this and now I’m going to find these 20 questions so I can answer them too!

  2. Heather says:

    This is a great reminder to take the time to examine our lives in-depth. I really want to start subscribing to Oprah’s magazine!

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