20 Questions: #2

Last week was a terrible blogging week because i was not very organized…therefore this week i am committed to accomplishing ALL my blogging posts.

I am still working on the 20 Questions every woman should ask themselves.  You can find the first question and my answer here.

@Martha Beck's 20 Questions That Can Change Your Life are a great jumping-off point for your life list.

Question #2 in Oprah’s list of 20 questions every women should ask herself: Do I care too much about what people think?

Do i care too much about what people think? When i was younger, I certainly cared about what others thought about me.  Whether they liked me and or wanted to be friends with me?  However, over the years, I’ve come to realize what matters the MOST is how i think and feel about myself.

Life is truly too precious and short to focus too much on what others think about me.  At this point in my life, I have matured emotionally enough to know myself and know who I am.  I am securely and confidently me and others may think whatever they may about me…but that doesn’t change me!

Confession Time: I do have to admit that as a “newish” mother…i do care about what others think of me in my role as a mother.  Of course i want to be the best mother in the world…and so what my husband and son thinks of me is so very important.  At this point, they both think I am the best mother ever…so i am good for now.

Question of the Day: Do you care too much about what others think of you?

Here are the list of the questions 2-20:

2. Do i care too much about what people think?

3. Am i with the right person?

4. What’s your deal breaker? (in love?)

5. What do i really want to do all day?

6. How do i want to be remembered?

7. Do i say yes enough?

8. Do i now how to say no?

9. Am i helpless?

10. Am i helpful?

11. What am i afraid of?

12. Am i paying enough attention to the incredible things around me?

13. Have i accepted my body?

14. Am i strong enough?

15.Have i forgiven my parents?

16. Do i want children? (more children)?

17. Does what i wear reflect who i am?

18. What am i missing out on?

19. Do i let myself fail enough?

20. Why are we here?



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2 Responses to 20 Questions: #2

  1. From Mrs to Mom says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with “caring about what others think”. Of course the operative words in Oprah’s question is “too much”. I by no means will live my life to there’s expectations but I do believe there is a healthy dose of other peoples perceptions.

    Growing up my parents were involved in our lives- especially when it came to school. They attended PTA meetings, parent-teacher conferences and even chaperoned field trips. Their close involvement with our school meant teachers and administrators not only knew my parents but knew they weren’t down for the BS. One afternoon a group of students pulled a school wide prank. As a result they administrators attempted to detain the entire student body because no one fessed up or admitted any culprits. However they began to sing a different time once my father made it clear that his children weren’t going to suffer the consequences of others actions. And it was because of what the administrators thought of my parents that they obliged and excused me from detention.

    When you behave a certain way people will treat you acertain way. And I believe this is a result of “what others think of you.”