Today marks your 4months birthday.
Tomorrow, 12/29/2012 marks the one year anniversary we officially 
found out you were growing in Mommy’s belly.
Daddy and I were at the mall when we got the call from the doctor.
We looked at each other, smiled, hugged, kissed 
and in that instant Baby our lives were changed forever.  
What a difference a year makes.
It seems like just yesterday we were coming home 
from the hospital and here we are celebrating 4months.
We’ve celebrated your first Christmas 
and we are going to say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013!
And you are doing so much Baby Pancakes…
we are just in awe of how everyday you develop a new skill!
God is pretty amazing at how He plans everything.
This month’s photo session was a little different because you were moving around a lot!
Made for a fun time…
You are definitely over 13lbs and growing everyday.
We have your 4month check-up appointment coming up in a few weeks so I will update this.
You are still the most cuddliest baby ever! And your cheeks are just the softest thing ever 
and i love kissing them.  I really do hope you never grow out of this phase.

 You have been doing great with breastfeeding. 
I feed you before I leave for work and most of the 
day you have pumped breast milk or formula as a last resort. 
 When I come home you are so excited and ready to nurse,
 I sometime feel guilty for having to work 
because it seems like you need me badly still at such a young age. 
You are sleeping in your crib every night.
  Sometimes in the morning, we co-sleep for a few hours 
so mommy can have a few hours of sleep before work while you nurse.
 I think it’s the best sleep both of us have during the day! 
You are still using your Winnie the Pooh lounger…
I marvel at how big you’ve become since you first slept in it.
  We don’t know what we are going to do when you outgrow Pooh?
 I guess we will figure it out. 
 You are rolling over so sometimes in your crib I find you in interesting positions.  
Sometimes though you look uncomfortable when your arm or leg is caught in between the crib.
  I don’t know how you do it.
 You continue to wear clothe diapers and appear to enjoy wearing them. 
You have not had a diaper rash which is wonderful. 
We continue to change you regularly and put lotion on you after every diaper change. 
We are thinking we need to add to you diaper clothe selection in the new year.

 You are wearing some newborn onesies as shirts, 0-3 and 3-6month clothes.  
You have moved away from wearing nothing but onesies and tights to jeans, pants and sweaters.  
You look so handsome in sweaters! 
Mommy has to refrain from buying you clothes 
because you have so many clothes all the way up to 12 months! 
At this point, you may have more clothes than your dad and I.
I can’t wait for you to wear your Jordans!

This month was Christmas and we spent it with my family and you just ate it up.
You met your cousins, aunties and uncles and your AG (Aunty-Grandma) (my older sister who raised me).  
You just loved her and bonded with her so beautifully, it was the best thing to see.
At one point during our Christmas party…you were never left alone and was always being held.
You just loved every single minute and second of it.
Baby Milestones
 I stopped reading the Baby Books everyday and I’m just admiring all your growth. 
 It seems like everyday you do something new. 
 You are now holding and grabbing onto everything. 
And 9/10 the item you grab goes into your month. 
I keep on thinking you are in the early stages of teething.
 You LOVE to stand…any chance you get you want to stand.  
You still don’t like tummy time but we make sure you have them as often as possible.  
You would rather stand the whole day. 
 You have discovered your arms, legs and toes
 and it’s just the cutest thing watching you stare and play with them.  
Your big cousin Y caught you putting your foot in your mouth while you were holding your toy.  
You always want to sit up while you are laying down.
 And you are trying to sit on your own but you need a little support.  
We use the Boppy pillow to help you sit.
  You are the cutest little person when you are sitting all by yourself.
 Also you have started to hold your own bottle when we are feeding you. 
You are so independent…Mommy worries you want to grow up too fast.  
But I know there are some things you are doing that I have to get used to…
it’s all part of your growing up process.

You had many firsts this month including your first Christmas. 
 We went to visit family in Canada and you had such a wonderful time. 
 You were the best little man and just loved meeting everyone.  
And they had fun meeting you too.  
You traveled on an airplane  for the first time and again 
you were a trooper even though we had several hours of delay. 
 You ate, slept and played with us for the most part and we believe you are going to be a traveler!  
You saw snow for the first time.  
Although we didn’t get to play in it because it snowed the morning we left Canada,
 you seemed mesmerized by it when you saw it at the airport. 
 You wore your snowsuit for the first time and looked like a giant cute teddy bear. 

You LOVE to talk…and i believe you have conversations with us!!
Going to Canada.
Going to a Christmas Eve service.
Attending a Christmas party.
Opening presents.
Sending presents.
Buying daddy Christmas gifts.
Looking Ahead:
Laughing (although I’ve heard it while you are sleeping)
Take family portraits (mommy needs to get organized)
Your blessing at Church.
Plan some Play dates
Continual growth and development in every single way!

Mommy guilt…more than anything I feel this when I have to go to work.  
You look so sad in the morning, it breaks my heart leaving you. 
My favorite part of all is coming home to you.  You are so happy to see me. 
You always smile when you see me which truly makes my heart sing with joy. 
Daddy says you get real sad if I’m not home by 5:15pm 
which is about the same time I begin to shut down if I am not home. 
 We are making it work.  But secretly Baby I want to be home with you. 
I’m glad however you are home with Daddy…he is the best and so are you.

I love you to the moon and back!!!!
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